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Huobi Token

Huobi are targetting cryptocurrency investors who value integrity, innovation, and cooperation, all of which are the Huobi exchange’s core values. It is no secret that the cryptocurrency markets are currently full of inefficiencies and is a pretty difficult market to access and invest in. However, the Huobi exchange is dedicated to making cryptocurrency more efficient and providing a safe, professional and world-class service to crypto investors. If the popularity of the exchange in Asia is anything to go by, we think that the Huobi exchange will begin making waves in the West very soon.전체 리뷰보기

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When there’s a disagreement in a state channel contract, the contract turns to the blockchain for adjudication. The contract remains private through a zero-knowledge proof setup that allows the blockchain to render a judgment without needing to know the contents of the contract. In this way, the blockchain acts as a blind judicial system for smart contracts. Interestingly, since the blockchain’s behavior is predictable, there’s no benefit to disputing the results of a state channel contract. The blockchain is likely to confirm the outcome. Final settlement of accounts in the contract then takes place on the blockchain and the contract closes. The result of off-chain computation is an increase in throughput by several orders of magnitude for the network since only the final settlement needs to be handled on-chain.전체 리뷰보기

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ICON is similar to Ethereum in that it is providing technology that is new to the crypto-space; while it is something that is met with derision in today’s crypto landscape, a comparison to Ethereum is simply the most apt. Developers and project leaders will have a bevy of options in the future when choosing to implement their blockchain projects, ranging from Ethereum to Tezos and now even ICON, who will serve their platform with unique features such as the ones described above. Interoprability is also another hallmark feature of ICON. While competitors such as Ethereum (and their corresponding ERC-20 tokens) are capable of communicating with each other due to being on the same network, there can be a lot of problems that come with it, such as lag backing up the network, and the largely unrelated transactions of other ERC-20 projects that simply clog the chain as far as any individual project is concerned. With ICON, a nexus is created between as many blockchains as desired, and new ones can be created in similar fashion to creating a blockchain on ICON.전체 리뷰보기

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Zilliqa Partnerships Zilliqa has a number of strategic partnerships in the blockchain space through the members of its advisory board, including FBG Capital, a digital asset management firm in the blockchain-based capital market. It also has a partnership with Global Brain, one of the largest venture capital firms in Japan. Zilliqa announced a partnership with Mindshare, a leading global advertising agency, toward the end of 2017. It most recently announced a partnership with Genaro, a Turing-complete public blockchain with decentralized storage.전체 리뷰보기

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What is Digibyte Mining? Mining Digibyte is the act of securing the network, validating blocks, and bringing new Digibyte tokens into circulation. Digibyte was originally a fork off the Bitcoin blockchain, and like Bitcoin it uses a consensus mechanism known as Proof of Work (PoW). PoW is considered to be the most secure consensus protocol for blockchains. Minng is accomplished by using the processing power of your computer to solve cryptographic problems. This validates blockchain transactions, secures the Digibyte network, and ultimately creates new blocks while also rewarding miners with Digibytes. In addition to a computer with a GPU you’ll also need a Digibyte wallet and specialized mining software to mine Digibyte.전체 리뷰보기

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Bitcoin Diamond

In terms of the total supply, it seems that 170 million BCD will be available on the market, while the remaining 40 million will be reserved for a “community rewards pool as tributes and mining”. Ultimately, the creators of Bitcoin Diamond emphasize that their currency is not a competitor to bitcoin. They describe it as a fork with upgraded technology that preserves the original features. The new privacy protection comes in the form of additional encryption during the transfer. Meanwhile, the slow transaction confirmation problem is solved by raising the blocksize to 8MB – which is what Bitcoin Cash did to create fast transaction times. Why does Bitcoin Diamond emphasize additional encryption on transactions? The company claims additional encryption is needed “in some application scenarios, especially in many business scenarios”. Some people like privacy. What about a wallet? Bitcoin Diamond doesn’t have any official wallets. However, if you hold your bitcoin keys, then you can transfer those keys into Bitcoin Diamond when a wallet is officially launched.전체 리뷰보기

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