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The binance coin is perfectly supported by the binance exchange and is also very fast shipping and receiving with a base produced by binance called bep2. Thanks to bep2, commission fees are also really convenient and I can say that it saved me a great cost. I don't think the binance coin will drop $ 30 levels as long as it continues to be backed by binance. Binance coin is also listed by many exchanges. Like other stock market coins, it is not only available on the binance exchange. On the binance exchange, many coins are open to trading with binance coins, and you can also make your commission payments with a 25 percent discount with binance coin. This is definitely driving people and me towards binance coin.전체 리뷰보기

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my revain comment

I think it's an excellent system that creates a complete mix of cryptocurrency professionals and even amateurs. When investing in a newly released cryptocurrency or when I am going to use an exchange that I have not used before, I will definitely make use of this website. This website also introduces new projects to people every week and helps them to be interpreted by people as I have just mentioned, I think it is a perfect system. I think and hope that their own coins will be traded on different exchanges over time.전체 리뷰보기

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my binance comment

Binance comes first among the exchanges I use most often. The commission rates of the binance exchange satisfy me and I guess many of its users. According to the news I've read recently, the stock market is grappling with too many false accusations, but I think it will overcome them all. I think this is the world's highest volume stock exchange and one of the main reasons people prefer binance exchange. I can say that it also makes me happy in some airdrops made occasionally. The interface of the exchange is also very simple and easy to use. It also allows you to perform stock market margin transactions. There is a trading section for almost all of their coins on the stock market. I can say that it is one of the best exchanges in terms of diversity. Regarding customer service, I only needed it once and they kept me waiting for two days.I have suffered a lot during this time, but I think that they are among the best in the world because they support many languages.전체 리뷰보기

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my paribu comment

If an investor residing in Turkey were not even the first piece of advice I will Pariba stock. the stock market charges too many maker and taker fees. I can even say about 2 times more than other stock exchanges. Moreover, it is not an exchange with a large volume. You can check your transactions very quickly hookin your money if your bank account instantly if you're an investor residing in Turkey. If I talk about reliability, I have been using the stock exchange for about 2 years from time to time and I have not had any problems. I do not think it will cause concern about this issue. I don't think there are enough trading pairs in the stock market. The stock market contains only large coins with a large trading volume in the world. The exchange does not organize airdrops in any way. Available for trading only.전체 리뷰보기 coin 로고 Coin

CRO coin is a coin I invested 1 month ago. It started to fall continuously after I invested, but I believe it will go above $ 1 in the future. I am also confident that cro coin by the owners support. Although cro is a new exchange, it has managed to become a famous stock market that has advertised on New York billboards. I think it will reach 12th and better places in the coinmarketcap rankings right now. They currently have a new project. According to this project, when you buy 1000 cro and stake, you can get 50 dollars reward and this is an excellent amount in my opinion. I made my investment and I am waiting for the result. When you invest, you can also benefit from the advantages of these cards by purchasing a physical card.전체 리뷰보기

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My Whalesburg comment

Every coin opened with the mining site scares me. Also in my experience (I might be wrong) Russian coins are not very reliable. I hope this project can come to better points. As far as I have reviewed the whalesburg coin, it is not available on the coinmarketcap site, I could only view it from the coingecko site. The transaction volume seems very low right now. I think it is very important to increase the transaction volume and the number of exchanges in which people can support and trust this project. the project is more new and there is a long way to go, hopefully they will be successful.전체 리뷰보기

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BtcTurk | Pro

I have been using the btcturk stock exchange for two years. I think they do not have enough coins and also they do not have a high transaction volume. No commission is charged for transactions you make outside of Turkish lira. This transaction is a work done by the exchange to increase the trading volume. The approval process of any crypto money you deposit is very fast and if you are a Turkish citizen, you can withdraw your money very quickly. After confirming your membership, you have to wait two days for withdrawal procedures. Even if you need to make a hasty transaction, you cannot use your money due to stock exchange rules. btctürk is also a sponsor of a football club. this sponsorship shows that it is a truly reliable exchange. Security measures are also fine in the btc turkish stock exchange. I cannot say that the stock exchange is a global stock market, because the advantages and language support it provides mostly benefit Turkish citizens. I hope they will take a step towards becoming a global stock market soon.전체 리뷰보기

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