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araca elplp67 v13h010l67 projector vs320(economical) 로고

Araca ELPLP67 V13H010L67 Projector VS320(Economical)

The lamp was very easy to install and the image brightness was amazing. I am very happy with the product and can find it at a reasonable price as the price can vary widely.전체 리뷰보기

godox v860ii c battery speedlite compatible 로고

Godox V860II C Battery Speedlite Compatible

I'm new to using flash, but after learning it for some time I realized there are certain features I might need to "grow into" if I ever decide to do more working with flash off-camera. My first flash was a horrible plastic toy that came with my camera and I had no idea how much better they could be until Godox got the flash. I've still only scratched the surface of what this can do, but it was easy to work with and helped me successfully capture low-light footage at a fundraising gala for a local nonprofit. If you're looking for a professional flash with the features you need for maximum versatility, I don't see how you can get more for this price point. Successfully shooting in low light at a fundraising gala for a local nonprofit. If you're looking for a professional flash with the features you need for maximum versatility, I don't see how you can get more for this price point. Successfully shooting in low light at a fundraising gala for a local nonprofit. If you're looking for a professional flash with the features you need for maximum versatility, I don't see how you can get more for this price point.전체 리뷰보기

nebula projector projectors mounting bracket 로고

Nebula Projector Projectors Mounting Bracket

Terrible Hardware

Supplied with broken dowels. Now I'm literally screwed. 4 large holes in the ceiling and broken drywall anchors. For $40, they might at least include the right hardware. Well it's a joke. They don't even include extra hardware in case you drop something while trying to install. Completely unimpressed.전체 리뷰보기

leyi compatible for iphone 8 plus case 로고

LeYi Compatible For IPhone 8 Plus Case

Bought this case for iphone 6s plus sons. He made the choice. He wanted navy blue but didn't have it in stock so he went with black. The case is very nice at a good price. Luckily, the kit included two screen protectors and a ring/stand to further protect the phone. The body of the phone is smooth so it might fall out of your hands. But a ring to slip your finger behind the phone offers a better grip. The ring itself is uncomfortable as it doesn't cushion the toe. I would recommend to those who want a decent and basic case for this price just to have the phone in something but not for long term use or comfort.전체 리뷰보기

olympus rs31h professional dictation connection 로고

Olympus RS31H Professional Dictation Connection

We are using this in a 1200 seat Roman Catholic Church. The projector is on the back gallery and we play PowerPoint files from the laptop next to the piano in front of the church. The footswitch controller allows the pianist or assistant to navigate through the screens/pages. A musician can often predict when to turn the page better than a non-musician. The same task with a wired connection would cost over $1,000. That was God's message.전체 리뷰보기

professional camera cleaning kit cameras 로고

Professional Camera Cleaning Kit Cameras

I got this to clean an old Canon A-1 and it's great value for money. I haven't tried the double-ended pen cleaner, so I can't rate it. I would recommend heeding the advice of other reviewers. But the micro wipes and lens wipes worked great and I love how convenient everything is packaged. However, the brush is useless as the bristles fall out as soon as you peel off the plastic wrap. They also seem a bit rough to use on a lens. I ended up using soft watercolor brushes to remove the initial dust. I also did not check that there was no cleaner in the atomizer. My fault - the description says blank. I just want전체 리뷰보기

orion governance inc. 로고

Orion Governance Inc.

The team at Orions are very professional with great customer service skills which helps us during implementation time as well after completion! I have not encountered any problems so far but if there was something that i did find difficult it would be how much information you need for each user or role within your org structure (eg Sales Manager). My organization has benefited from this product because they can easily manage all documents related to employees/roles without having multiple applications running simultaneously like other products out here such as Sharepoint etc.. 전체 리뷰보기

tread spine organization starter black 로고

Tread Spine Organization Starter Black

This planner folder is simply beautiful. Quality, color is really very beautiful, bright and beautiful. But that's really not enough to avoid delaying the planning for a whole year. Also, the planner only includes a two-month daily planner and no daily planner pages.전체 리뷰보기

socialpulsar 로고


I like that they are able to help you understand your business needs so well as how their solutions will fit into those requirements for success in managing all of our different platforms (Facebook Page + Instagram Ads). The customer service is fantastic! They always respond quickly when we have questions or need assistance solving issues/troubleshooting problems related directly back from them being an active user within one if not more programs offered by SPB - which makes it even better because now there's someone who has experienced what works best first hand!! We've been using @socialpulsebio since 2016 & love working wthr this team every step along way helping us manage multiple accounts across FB page / IG ads campaigns at once while also providing support during live events where needed most. 전체 리뷰보기

dulead 로고


The most valuable part about dulead was being able have access from anywhere in my work day with all our team members having their own dashboard which helped us keep track daily activities within each individual employee's progress towards goals set by management or self-set ones! I would say there are not too many downsides at this point but we do need more features such has reporting functions like goal tracking etc so those could be added if needed/wanted later downthe line :) We were trying out different ways how HR can assist employees during onboarding process without getting overwhelmed themselves - hence why they came up using DulEAD platform since its simple enough yet very powerful tool allowing anyone who needs assistance just signup an account via mobile app then get started right away solving problems one step ahead!! There’s nothing really specific i dislike other than maybe. 전체 리뷰보기

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