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Key Ideas

The team at key ideas are very passionate about their work! They have created some amazing products that help our agency with its daily tasks (and sometimes even more!). I haven't found anything to dislike so far - they've been great partners for us over several years now :) We're solving problems related mostly around UX/UI design but we use them as an all-around development partner too whenever needed. I like that they provide excellent customer service for their clients! They are very responsive to any questions or concerns you may have with your project/s. The team has great communication skills as well which makes it easy to work together when collaborating projects. We're currently working on an ecommerce site using key ideas's design services. Their expertise was essential throughout our process from beginning concept development all the way through launch day. 전체 리뷰보기

talentova enterprise lms 로고

Talentova Enterprise LMS

The user interface is easy enough that anyone can understand it well without much training needed as an administrator or instructor - even if they're not from our field of expertise! There's nothing I dislike about this program at all, but some areas could be enhanced; however those were minor tweaks only rather than major updates/changes. We use Talenva primarily in helping students with their digital portfolios when applying online through colleges like FAFSA & others where there are specific requirements towards creating profiles etcetera.전체 리뷰보기

openbravo commerce cloud 로고

Openbravo Commerce Cloud

The ease of use, customization options available for many different industries as well as being able to integrate with other systems such as Sage 100 ERP is what I like best about this software. It's very easy to customize fields that you want your customer information stored within so they can be easily accessed at any time during their journey through your website or mobile app. There are some things which could improve but nothing major from my perspective. We have been using it mainly because we needed an e-commerce solution since our current system was not up to par when compared to competitors solutions out there. 전체 리뷰보기

m/monit 로고


It is very easy to use with great documentation for newbies as well! The pricing model can be confusing at first glance but it's actually pretty straightforward once you know how things work (or don't). We have been using Monite since we were looking into our server health & uptime needs - this was before AWS even existed in my mind so I wasn’t sure what kind or level service would make sense back then either way now that they are doing everything from hosting servers up through managing your entire infrastructure including data center facilities its perfect!! 전체 리뷰보기

honolulu freight service 로고

Honolulu Freight Service

The level of detail they provide regarding shipping options are far better than any other I have dealt with in over 30 years doing business internationally via intercoastals/USCG (UPSCargo). They offer not only competitive rates but also excellent support services when needed - including expedited delivery tracking! There was nothing about their product offerings which really stood out as being particularly special. Their team members were friendly & professional throughout my entire experience working wih them through several phases of this project. As an international shipper there wasn't anything particularly unique abt what they offered me during evaluation process aside form price / cost savings vs competitors products.전체 리뷰보기

vorealis software 로고

Vorealis Software

I like that it's easy to use, even if you're not an advanced user of Project Management systems (like myself). As far as UI/UX goes - well there are some things which can be improved but nothing majorly annoying or anything really so no complaints here either! You should try out this system first before considering other options because honestly all PMs look similar when using them in their basic form :P It helps me stay organized with tasks within my team by making sure everyone knows what they have been assigned next etc., also keeps us updated about any deadlines we might miss at times too :). 전체 리뷰보기

laevo 로고


Laevo provides a very user-friendly interface for the project management process. It's easy to learn and can be used by anyone with little or no training. The project management process is very straightforward and easy to follow, and the interface is intuitive. There are a few minor issues with Laevo, but they are not deal breakers. I have used Laevo for several years now, and it has been very successful. I am able to manage the entire project lifecycle from beginning to end, and to track the progress of the process. 전체 리뷰보기

ajustee 로고


I like the ability to have a single place to configure all our applications. I also like the ability to have a single place to store our passwords. I don't like the fact that it sometimes does not update automatically. I also dislike that it does not have a mobile app. I would like a mobile app as well as the ability to edit the settings on the web version. I have been using Ajustee for about 5 years. We use it daily to configure our applications and store our passwords. It is very reliable and secure and is easy to use.전체 리뷰보기

nimbus 로고


The best feature is the ability to track the vehicles. The system is very reliable and is very easy to use. I have not yet found any dislikes. Nimbus is a very reliable tracking system that is very easy to use. I have used this system for tracking my vehicles for a number of years now. I have not had any complaints from the customer service department. I would highly recommend this system to anyone who is looking for a reliable tracking system. I am able to track my vehicles and see where they are. I am also able to track the drivers as well. 전체 리뷰보기

4g:plm 로고


The best is that i can do all my orders in one single dashboard and can track it using mobile too. also we can get all our information of parts using this software so that we can save money on the printing cost as well. I don't really like much about this program. There are no good features available in this software. I suggest that you must use 3d printer software instead of this one because this one will cost a lot more than the other ones. Our organization is doing very good and also we have created many documents in this software. This has helped us to maintain our records easily. I like that we can see all of our products in one place. We also have access to historical data as well as current status. The customer service has been great! They are always willing to help us with any questions or concerns. There isn't anything about this software yet. If you want something simple but powerful then this may be what you're looking for. This allows my team to keep up with inventory at all times. 전체 리뷰보기

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