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Review on Balancer by Ufuk Yıldırım

Balancer is a project that I believe will improve over time

Balancer is a liquidity mining platform. In short, you do liquidity mining on The Balancer platform by investing some budget in balancer, as I do, and then rewards are distributed to you by the Defi platforms they are contracted to.

I've been using balancer for a long time and I'm very happy, the dozens of features in it are really beautiful and very useful.

Another platform where you can mine liquidity is Uniswap, but the difference between balancer and Uniswap is that you can trade with 8 Cryptocurrencies and there are more features on the site. These features are really important because many people dealing with crypto currencies as an investor will choose this site in a very short time and The Balancer will thrive for a long time, and I think I'm using it every day, more and more investors are logging on to this site and he's putting his money balancer.

Balancer is one of the mining platforms with liquidity that I love, I like many features of Balancer, for example, one of them is the ability to make money by staking 8 different cryptocurrencies. I really like features like this, and I think that's the main reason a lot of investors prefer balancer.

I believe that Balancer will develop a lot in 1-2 years, and I recommend you to use it.

Also, the last thing I want to say is that Balancer is also a criterion currency exchange, and you can trade many cryptocurrencies.

There are many payment methods that I use very fondly in this direction, in addition, the withdrawal and deposit rates are quite slow, but the transfer fees are really too much, I think the worst part of Balancer is that the transfer fees are very expensive, but besides that I have not seen much bad feature.

In addition, balancer has a cryptocurrency called "BAL" on the cryptocurrency exchange, and the most important feature of Bal is that you can trade on more than 100 cryptocurrency exchanges. I really like this feature very well.

To sum up, Balancer is a very nice platform and a cryptocurrency platform that I use with pleasure, I suggest you use it as well

Pros & cons

  • Balancer has many features and I find it very useful
  • The site has a Stake feature
  • Withdrawals are very, very slow
  • Very high transfer fees are starting to be annoying after a while, except that I think there is no bad feature