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Review on Birake by Orlando Antonio

Birake (BIR), represents a platform software project for an innovative exchange

Birake (BIR), represents a platform software project for an innovative exchange, in which different types of digital currencies can be exchanged among themselves, in a very comfortable, safe, easy way, in real time and with good offers. Birake (BIR) also presents a good cryptoactive world currency, which is used for trading from 2 digital currency exchange platforms, also this currency has great potential to be mined from mining platforms and even with Staking Mining, where the BIR currency, is kept optimized, finding blocks is totally fast and works with the Algorithm (POW / POS) Cuarc.

Another novelty offered by Birake (BIR), is that it has wallet clients that can be installed in desktop devices, where it offers a very secure storage for BIR coins. Likewise, these wallets maintain their good functioning, allowing them to be easily recovered and avoiding the loss of BIR coins.

Pros & cons

  • Birake (BIR), is a potent coin to perform extraction tasks, being able to perform with it, Masternode Mining and Staking Mining (POS).
  • The project offers wallet client, of easy installation in desktop devices with Windows, MacOS and even Linux operating systems, allowing easy storage of Birake token (BIR) and offering high security.
  • The Birake currency (BIR) maintains its good behavior in the market and consequently in the exchange operations, it is also available for trading from Hotbit and even from its own exchange platform Birake Network, where it can be exchanged for the pairs BIR/BTC, BIR/USDT and BIR/ETH.
  • Birake (BIR) is still a very low capitalization project in the market, and the purchase of the token is limited to only 2 cryptoactive trading houses.