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A project doomed to failure that many people didn't notice at first

the world of cryptocurrencies is characterized by being very volatile and constantly changing. This is something that veterans and experts in the area know very well, but there are always new…See more

BitConnect: Generate passive income safely

When investing in cryptocurrencies we look for the safest and most profitable options that the foreign exchange market offers us. In this sense; BitConnect offers its holders the ability to…See more

A major ICO scam that went down Crypto history

While setting up my review on the Bitconnect client wallet, I went knee deep in research about the Bitconnect project BCC and was able to uncover the biggest ICO scam in the history of…See more

Ponzi scam exit 2018.

This is a scam project, your asset was 100% backed by its loan program and high return on interest, basically you would invest a thousand dollars and in ten years you would have approximately 96…See more

Read this to avoid another Ponzi

Let's say we are before bitconnect ico Why is Bitconnect Scam ? - Investment SchemeA little bit of common sense and a look at the Bitconnect offer to understand that it is a scam. - Bitconnect…See more

Bitconnect the biggest ponzi scheme ever

The main purpose of the Bitconnect is to take the Bitcoin of the user and convert it into the Bitconnect coin. This allowed the user to carry out the transactions with the BCC from the account…See more

Bitconnect was an exchange platform that allowed its users to exchange their…

Bitconnect was an exchange platform that allowed its users to exchange their Bitcoin for the Bitconnect Coin (BCC). With the promise of extremely high returns and the refer-a-friend “Ponzi scheme…See more