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Review on BitMart Token by David Olayide

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BitMart's BMX Token

BitMart token (BMX) is the native cryptocurrency token created by the BitMart cryptocurrency exchange platform. The token runs natively on the Ethereum blockchain and follows the ERC20 token standard, meaning it is rightfully an ERC20 token. The BMX token was created and launched with a total supply of 1 billion coins. However BitMart eventually plans to burn about 50% of the total BMX supply. Using the BMX token ensures that you pay less trading fees and holders of the token can use it to vote for listing. When BitMart eventually releases the BitMart public blockchain for a decentralized exchange, BMX will used for GAS in future. If you’re looking to get some of the BMX tokens then you do not have to go too far as you can definitely purchase whatever amount you desire right there on the BitMart cryptocurrency exchange. Now you won’t have any trouble sending your BMX tokens to a mobile cryptocurrency wallet because, it is ERC-20 compliant. You can store your tokens anywhere you want to as long as it is on a wallet that supports ERC compliant tokens and cryptocurrencies. The BitMart Token has a current total supply of about 654,558,864.0902433 coins with 173,637,038.18118548 coins in circulation. The price of BitMart Token is 0.0423746 and even though I personally think that it is low, I still have great hopes for the token to rise in price sometime in the coming future. BitMart is a very good exchange platform and I am sure they have other interesting plans for their unique BMX tokens. More cryptocurrency exchanges are adopting this new method of creating their own blockchain based tokens to facilitate the ease of trade and also effectively reduce trading fees while creating staking and voting opportunities as options for holders or users of the token.

  • Using BMX reduces the trading fees
  • BMX holders can vote on listings
  • BMX operates on the Ethereum network and so, is ERC-20 compliant
  • Support for BMX on Eth based wallets
  • Low market value of BMX

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