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Review on CannabisCoin by Moises G.

All you need to know about CannabisCoin.

CannabisCoin was designed at a period when Bitcoin was just getting started to enjoy widespread acceptance. CannabisCoin is a cryptocurrency based on the blockchain. In comparison to Bitcoin, it has certain changes to the Bitcoin system but is instead a decentralized digital money. Marijuana-using people of all ages are the target audience for this cryptocurrency, including those who use it for recreational and medicinal purposes as well as for academic and research objectives. Unlike other coins, you don't require ASICs or any other specialist hardware to mine CannabisCoins. All you need is consumer-grade equipment, which means you can use your CPU or GPU to finish the mining process at home. Can't compete with other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, since it was never designed to compete with them. And yet, it wasn't the purpose at all. The DopeCoin cryptocurrency is geared at the cannabis-consuming populace, since worldwide it is illegal to use marijuana. However, with the increasing acceptance of marijuana across the United States, the value of this cryptocurrency is certain to rise.

Unlike all the other cryptocurrencies in the world, bitcoin was the first to think of the concept and to make it a reality, far ahead of everyone else. In contrast to most other cryptocurrencies, PCH focuses on product-based and is not dependent on a specific currency. When cannabis is cheap, it costs one CANN coin to purchase one gram, which benefits consumers. Be prepared for anything to happen.

Despite the fact that it has a low market capitalization and a poor global rating, CANN is becoming popular in the US. However, it is a marijuana-oriented cryptocurrency that is only somewhat successful. Because cannabis is becoming more popular, the demand for CannabisCoin will grow, and this will result in an increase in the value of the currency. CannabisCoin demand will increase as the cannabis industry gets more popular.

A number of states throughout the United States are considering legalizing marijuana, and despite the fact that it is a slow and steady process, the drug is gaining in popularity. It is possible that CannabisCoin, even if you are not interested in marijuana, may prove to be a solid long-term investment, particularly since the present price is low enough that you can buy a large number of CANN coins without spending a lot of money. CannabisCoin is a cryptocurrency that was developed to make the trading of marijuana more convenient.

Pros & cons

  • It is possible to mine it.
  • Increasing mainstream understanding.
  • Low market cap.
  • Lack of adoption in the market.