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Review on Crowdholding by José A Rodríguez

A Place Where Content Creation and Feedback go Beyond the Common Levels

Attention: The Service Is not Totally Active Right Now

Crowholding is one of the Blockchain developments that has impressed the most in all my Trip to the crypto-world because although I don't consider is totally good for finances, I still think it is unique because it requires of something important: the support and feedback of users. Making it so necessary, customers can advance through the platform by giving substantial comments about the functioning of the network and with a little luck being rewarded. However, this is not what the platform can do. It was not designed just for common customers and crypto-holders, but also for those professionals developers and starts wanting to improve their current businesses.

I think that going through the guidance of this page, users can assess what is the real value of other blockchains running freely in the marketplace. Here, users can learn how a project is released, and even help to improve it and contribute to make it a scalable one. The company just create them and then puts them in an offer as a common list to the choice of users. For giving feedback on it, users give regards, but of course, if they go with the rules and policies of the platform. Another thing I like a lot from it is the way customers can socialize with the world through open channels in a digital community, where they can even know the value of being a stakeholders or why blockchain development is so important.

In regard to the previous things, users can get finally rewarded after certain assessments from professional developers who analyze the feedback given and contribute to improving it. The rewards are sent or distributed as the company has established. I really like that incomes flow through the ERC-20 channel, so a bigger availability of tokens is permitted. However, this also might affect the functioning of everything and decrease the volume since they are currently spending low time to be confirmed when withdrawing, and no one wants to trade ERC-20 tokens because of the volatility of prices everywhere.

On the other hand, nowadays this company is supporting three projects that have been giving a correct functioning for the world of internet, but as they are projects of advertising design, they still require feedback to improve and be more optional in the ecosystem. Such is the case of the Brave Browser that it is a better option for the privacy, and velocity it offers. This a good example since users can win even more rewards because of those expecting to receive from the company, and the BATs that the browser offers for ads assessment.

In conclusion, Crowholding is just good for those developers looking for an easy task in the crypto-world that does not attach any tips of issue for tedious finances or trading. It just offers a way of making feedback more effective and contributes to a change in the way consumers see the crypto-world and the marketplace. However, take precautions when joining to their services because it is not totally operative, so it is not recommended to lose the time in a low investment.

Pros & cons

  • It has a great design and modern use of technology. The company animates the platform to make it even more attractive to the user, and through graphics understand how it works.
  • It permits the open trading and rewards listing through all ERC-20 tokens that can be later traded in any wallet linked to it.
  • Good and easy options to join the platform through the project submission where users must wait for confirmation and then start winning.
  • Section for interactive comments through a digital world community.
  • An excellent way of generating good and innovative ideas for project development and blockchain management.
  • It is not really attractive in the sense of finances. Although its premises with rewards they are not really long for having a good economy.
  • Some things are still pending for approval of moderators. It means that the company is not totally active with all projects.