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Review on Crowdholding by francis fernandez

Crowdholding: integrating masses into the productive process of companies for an effective supplier-consumer feedback!

In the search for digital market options that link communities with blockchain networks, we find some options of platforms that want to integrate the masses to their blockchain technology.

To this end, the Crowdholding developers launched this blockchain with fully co-participatory characteristics on the market.

Crowdholding is an interactive platform that links companies offering products with consumers and investors who demand such goods and services offered. In this way, it is possible to establish a feedback process where market demanders are partners in the development of the business by contributing their ideas and will also receive rewards for the assistance provided to the company.

Yupie is the digital currency that users will obtain for their comments in relation to a product or service offered by a company on the Crowdholding platform.

Yupie (YU) can also be purchased on popular platforms such as: Binance and iq option, using debit and credit cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, Neteller, Skrill, among others compatible with the two main blockchain operators.

This platform is ideal for both small and large businesses that seek to develop new products based on user comments or possible consumers thereof, through the benefits offered by blockchain technology.

The main advantage of using Crowdholding is that it allows companies to probe if their business is supported by the opinions of their consumers, in order to have a more definite idea about the possible success of the product or services once it is present in the market.

What is Crowdholding?

Suppliers of goods and services (companies) will publish a list of tasks that need a vote and others that do not require a vote.

* Tasks with vote: In this category the particular opinion of the user in relation to the operation of the website and the usefulness of the information contained in it is sought. Example: Was the information presented on this page helpful to you?

The way to obtain rewards in this category is determined based on the proportion of votes received by the opinion of each user and will be paid in Yupie tokens.

* Tasks without vote: It is characterized because the user always gets a reward for his comments on the assigned task.

Example: taxpayers are requested to provide information on links to developers of wallet platforms, cryptocurrencies, exchanges, among others.; assigning a reward scale according to the defined search criteria.

Based on the comments of consumers or taxpayers about a good or product, the Crowdholding platform will decide to grant permission to the business that obtained reasonable qualifications to convert it into an ICO or promote its financing.

Pros & cons

  • It allows to consider the opinions of the crowd to redirect the paths of a business or establish more successful goals in terms of developing a product or providing a service before it is available on the market. This being necessary to project the success of a business that is starting.
  • Direct comments are obtained from the final consumers of a good or service without intermediation or delay, through real and direct feedback.
  • Represents a source of income for taxpayers who become co-creators of a business.
  • There are no negative comments for this platform