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About CUE Protocol

Launched on Binance Smart Chain! A community driven protocol with deflationary mechanics. 2.5% of every transaction is collected by the governance wallet. Token holders can vote on the usage of the governance wallet such as burn or spend on marketing/development, etc. Dapps will also utilise the CUE token. The first two dapps have been announced which includes our voting dapp which is LIVE in the CUE Hub.

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Review on ChangeHero by David Davies

Signal Protocol is an emblematic that unexpected spikes sought after for Binance's adroit chains. In the errand, the coins are seared as time goes on and it is needed to be a hypothesis reason. This will cause the CUE Protocol to obtain regard as…See full review

Audit on ChangeHero by David Davies

Signal Protocol is a symbolic that sudden spikes in demand for Binance's shrewd chains. In the task, the coins are scorched over the long haul and it is wanted to be a speculation reason. This will make the CUE Protocol acquire esteem over the long…See full review

A project that will gain a lot of value in the future

CUE Protocol is a token that runs on Binance's smart chains. In the project, the coins are burned over time and it is desired to be an investment purpose. This will cause the CUE Protocol to gain value over time. The project is still very new…See full review

Prompt Convention : a promising crypto project with high potential

Hi everybody, today I need to pass on the data I have gained from my examination on Sign Convention. We as a whole realize that the Binance keen chain is exceptionally enormous, and Sign Convention was dispatched as a crypto project in February…See full review

Each additional dapp released will be more beneficial to the CUE ecosystem.

This project has been sent to the Binance smart chain! The People's Congress is a congress with deflationary mechanics. Token owners can decide whether to spend the administration wallet or to improve advertising, and Dapps will also use the CUE…See full review

Decentralized administration with deflationary token dependent on Binance Smart Chain.

Arising task of the Binance Smart Chain, has a deflationary instrument in its local token so it fills in as a methods for advancement of the venture, through the votes brought by the undertaking up in its application that is in the improvement stage…See full review

CUE Protocol : a promising crypto project with high potential

Hello everyone, today I want to pass on the information I have learned from my research on CUE Protocol. We all know that the Binance smart chain is very large, and CUE Protocol was launched as a crypto project in February 2021 at the Binance smart…See full review

Extremely fundamental undertaking in the realm of crypto

Outstanding amongst other undertaking I at any point contributed on. Glad to be essential for it 👍 I'm certain a considerable lot of us got luvered into shill coins by unadulterated promoting thus called influencers. These folks are attempting…See full review

CUE Protocol is a useful project.

It was sent to Binance Smart Chain in February 2021. Assessed by RD Audit. 2.5% of each exchange is collected by the administration wallet. Token owners can vote on whether to spend it or whether it can be spent on promotion and promotion. Dockers…See full review

Decentralized governance with deflationary token based on Binance Smart Chain.

Emerging project of the Binance Smart Chain, has a deflationary mechanism in its native token so that it serves as a means of development of the project, through the votes raised by the project in its application that is in the development phase…See full review