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Revainrating 3 out of 5  
Crypto Projects, ERC20

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Description of DAD

DAD (Decentralized Advertising) as a new generation of digital advertising chain, has been actively applied to digital advertising since 2013. Today, it has a total of 500 million users, with tens of billions of daily ad displays in 194 countries and communities worldwide. We've provided services to 110K+ advertisers, including Baidu, Alibaba, Meitu, 360, Uber, Toutiao, Huobi, OKEx, and Cobo Wallet, etc. After years in the advertising industry, DAD has established a huge amount of precise user labels, customized AI algorithms, abundant ad scenarios, as well as special ad review and anti-scam algorithms. In 2017, DAD has established strategic cooperation with Ontology and conducted in-depth reform in the advertising industry via the blockchain technology, and resolved problems that frequently occur in the traditional advertising industry, such as users not in control of their own private data, and ad data is not open and transparent, which manifests as fake traffic, privacy leaks, and trust issues. After applying the blockchain technology, users have total control of their private information and can decide what kind of ads they want to receive, thus reshaping advertising ecology.


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Type of review

Revainrating 3 out of 5

People have come up with a lot about this project.

DAD (Decentralized Advertising) has been actively used in digital advertising since 2013 as a new generation of digital advertising chain. It currently has a total of 194 million users, with billions of daily advertising campaigns in 194 countries and societies around the world. 110K + advertisers include Baidu, Alibaba, Meitu, 360, Uber, Toutiao, Huobi, OKEx and Cobo Wallet and more. we have provided services. Over the years, DAD has created accurate user reports, specialized AI algorithms…

  • It markets uncontrollably for the growth of labor and products.
  • It has important connections with other projects.
  • There is no downside.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

My understanding about the project DAD

Promoting is perhaps the most helpful deals methodologies to arrive at numerous business sectors. On the off chance that we add the security and decentralization of blockchain to this, we have an optimal partner for promoting organizations. Father is a stage dependent on blockchain innovation that serves to plan and connection notices in a safe manner because of the utilization of the dispersed record as the reason for recording its activities. What is accomplished by connecting DAD to…

  • Makes an uncontrolled market for the advancement of labor and products
  • Not yet

Revainrating 3 out of 5

DAD review.

His father is effectively used in computerized advertising as another era of the media chain that has been growing since 2013. It now has a total of 500 million subscribers, with a large number of advertisements in 194 countries and networks every day. Digital Currency (DAD), has an easy-to-install wallet, is connected to web browsers, allows you to quickly transfer with DAD currencies, and primarily offers warehouse security, and the DAD logo also has its own block explorer However, its…

  • Currency developed for the DAD project.
  • advertising with blockchain security.
  • It allows you to introduce your products online in the world
  • Their coin is not in circulation

His father’s decentralized advertising has been effectively used for advertising since 2013, as another period of the computerized media chain. It now has a total of 500 million subscribers, with 194 countries and networks receiving a large number of daily advertisements. The world. 110K + to publicists Baidu, Alibaba, Meitu, 360, Uber, Toutiao, Huobi, OKEx and Cobo Wallet and more. and a number of years of publicly available work, DAD has taken a huge step forward and is against exact customer

  • Beta tests can be performed on this project.
  • This is a project designed to be a decentralized mass advertising chain.
  • In 2017, DAD established an important relationship with Ontology.
  • It has growth and has not been recognized in the public.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

DAD: advertising with blockchain security

Advertising is one of the most convenient sales strategies to reach many markets. If we add the security and decentralization of blockchain to this, we have an ideal ally for advertising companies. DAD is a platform based on blockchain technology that serves to design and link advertisements in a secure way due to the use of the distributed ledger as the basis for recording its operations. What is achieved by linking DAD to blockchain? Blockchain technology allows the advertising data to be…

  • Creates an uncontrolled market for the promotion of goods and services
  • Allows you to promote items online globally
  • Establishes security mechanisms for advertisements
  • Eliminate intermediaries in advertising protocols
  • Their coin is not in circulation

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The token (DAD)

The token (DAD), is a currency developed for the DAD project, which offers solutions for the advertising industry, integrating advertising with blockchain technology, anti-fraud algorithm, AI algorithm and products for this branch of advertising and the cryptographic world. The token (DAD), is supported by a high capitalization in the market, it occupies the Level 193, in the ranking of major capitalized currencies, its purchase volume is extremely high and above all it is a token that can be…

  • The currency (DAD), possesses graphs of commercial statistics in good movement and without drastic falls.
  • The currency (DAD), has high capitalization in the cryptoactive market and excellent position in the Level 193 of the coinmarketcap list.
  • The purchase of digital currencies (DAD), are easy to perform and is a currency that is easily located in the commercial list of platforms such as Bithumb Global, BitMax, Bithumb, Upbit, Coinone and Indodax.
  • It is possible to acquire digital currencies (DAD), with currencies such as USDT, KRW, BTC and IDR, where it has many active and extremely fast transactions with these currencies.
  • The token (DAD), has its own DAD wallet, which is quickly installed in web browsers and offers a lot of security for the storage of DAD coins.
  • The token (DAD) cannot yet be purchased for fiat USD or EUR.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Decentralized advertising services.

It is a project that is designed to be a decentralized public advertising chain. The application that makes this advertising management possible to verify statistics, payments, settlements and fraud management in real time. It has associations with other recognized caves such as ontology and neo, being a fundamental part of the DAD ecosystem. its purpose is to break the monopoly that only some companies have to do with online advertising, such as google, which monopolizes all advertising…

  • Create transparency in the delivery of payments, since transactions can be tracked at all times.
  • Payments to providers and advertising services fast and without intermediaries, reducing costs It has important associations with other projects. It has a small community but somehow they have faith in the project. Gradually reduce possible problems related to false traffic.
  • It has important associations with other projects.
  • It has a small community but somehow they have faith in the project.
  • Resolves advertising problems related to fake content traffic.
  • It is listed in few exchanges.
  • There are currently other blockchain-based advertising services.
  • Unrecognized development team.
  • No data on the use of your storage services in a tesnet