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About DAD

DAD (Decentralized Advertising) as a new generation of digital advertising chain, has been actively applied to digital advertising since 2013. Today, it has a total of 500 million users, with tens of billions of daily ad displays in 194 countries and communities worldwide. We've provided services to 110K+ advertisers, including Baidu, Alibaba, Meitu, 360, Uber, Toutiao, Huobi, OKEx, and Cobo Wallet, etc. After years in the advertising industry, DAD has established a huge amount of precise user labels, customized AI algorithms, abundant ad scenarios, as well as special ad review and anti-scam algorithms. In 2017, DAD has established strategic cooperation with Ontology and conducted in-depth reform in the advertising industry via the blockchain technology, and resolved problems that frequently occur in the traditional advertising industry, such as users not in control of their own private data, and ad data is not open and transparent, which manifests as fake traffic, privacy leaks, and trust issues. After applying the blockchain technology, users have total control of their private information and can decide what kind of ads they want to receive, thus reshaping advertising ecology.

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DAD: advertising with blockchain security

Advertising is one of the most convenient sales strategies to reach many markets. If we add the security and decentralization of blockchain to this, we have an ideal ally for advertising companies…See more

The token (DAD)

The token (DAD), is a currency developed for the DAD project, which offers solutions for the advertising industry, integrating advertising with blockchain technology, anti-fraud algorithm, AI…See more

Decentralized advertising services.

It is a project that is designed to be a decentralized public advertising chain. The application that makes this advertising management possible to verify statistics, payments, settlements and fraud…See more