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Review on DAPS Coin by Ayu Anggraini

Dapscoin review from veteran trader

This time I will review one of the sensational projects since 2018! Why sensational? Because at first Daps was a rebrand of Peepscoin or PCN ( it was abandoned by its developers)

.. The new Daps team then provides news about swaps process from PCN to Daps and how Daps can be a solution to problems that exist in privacy coins.

Daps with PCN ticker, Starting trading at 1 satoshis and reached 17 satoshis within 3 week from the announcement of swaps and about new coins (daps).

Then the developer tweeted surprising information about the swap cancellation because the old developer / original developer of Peepcoin still has a very large number of PCN supplies and could get a huge benefits from the swap at 1: 1 ratio, so the team decided to cancel the swap! Wow it was very unprofessional.

At that time all i thought was " this is premature project". This announcement resulted in a massive dump occurred on exchange due to panic selling or could be from insider team/developer who owns such a huge supply, because Prices also fell from 17 satoshis to 1 satoshis with a huge volume.

And after this accident, the team was finally agreed that swap would be canceled and airdrops would be given as a new plan.

So,What is Daps?

 Introduction about Dapscoin

Daps is one of the most innovative masternode projects by the rating of masternode buzz (2020 community award). DAPS is 100% privacy coin with a focus on security, offering innovative solutions, scalability, and 1st coin implementing the best futures of Privacy coins in a fully hybrid chain with staking. Daps also The 1st coin solving the trust problem on a private chain with a POA! And also has features that are claimed to be better and can solve existing problems in privacy coins such as Monero and Zencash.

What are the Daps features? masternode, stealth address, block time : 1 minute, RingCT, Minimum Fee only 1-5 + daps, We can also Secure wallet with 2FA, Daps Chain has been audited by Red4Sec. com, other features are multisignature wallet, masternode and multinode, private send and so much more.

Daps compare their features with Verge, monero, zencash and dashcoin and dapps offer more security than other coins as a comparison that still has vulnerabilities, the possibility of getting time wrap attacks, expensive fees,, not trustless, and does not have other features offered by Daps.

Currently this project is very active in development, new listing, and updates and also has a solid community

Pros & cons

  • Active leadership
  • Active development
  • Active partnership
  • Greater feature than monero,Dash,zencash
  • Big accident occurred in early June 2018 when the big dump happened in coinexchange and many traders suffered a significant loses. Community Will never forget this accident.
  • Huge supply (70,000,000,000) max supply