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Survey relationship with DCN

It is the DCN used on a dental survey site. You fill out a questionnaire and they give you DCN in return. Of course, a small amount is given. I definitely do not recommend the site. When they say 72 after 24 hours, they put you on a Block and you cannot get what your DCN savings are. I see it as a pure waste of time. Maybe it can be useful in this respect. Of course, you may notice something about teeth. Apart from that, if you ask me to fill in a questionnaire and earn money. If you say I earn without eating blocks, experience, but I would not recommend it.

Updated 3 years ago
Rating changed from 3 to 4
I can say that Dentacoins are on the rise right now. When I first started, it was on zero 4 bands and now it can see zero 6 bans. It is useful to accumulate, it can be valued in the future. I converted the DCN USD that I have accumulated. I was caught between this USD and buying Dogecoin and XRP and invested my savings in Dogecoin. I think it will rise in the future. Ultimately, I think digital currencies will be used in the future.

  • Surveys can be filled in rather than playing games.
  • Small savings such as 10 kurus or 50 kurus can be put into the piggy bank.
  • Too many professionals.
  • Since the language is not Turkish, it is not fully understood and you are punished.
  • Not much return.
  • You cannot withdraw money without registering for Civic.
  • There is no option to withdraw much money.
  • Para çekim işlemi uzun.

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