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Review on Dero by francis fernandez

Dero: everything you are looking for in a single platform

E-commerce users have always dreamed of using a cryptographic platform that provides all the solutions to the inconveniences that often occur while managing their assets online: slow operations, high transaction costs, cyber attacks, among others.

Dero is a technology platform based on the security of the distributed ledger, which aims to become the digital solution to cryptographic users of the cryptocurrency market; by combining the security of the blockchain with the DAG system within its infrastructure, to guarantee the impossibility of tracing the commercial operations of its users.

The infrastructure of the Dero platform has important characteristics that make this blockchain protocol a valuable digital mechanism, among them we can highlight:

• Provides privacy by hiding information about the movements and balance of users

• Its protocol combines blockchain technology with the use of the Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) system to guarantee easy interface, anonymity, protection and security in transactions.

• Its structure has a high level of security due to the use of the Proof of Work consensus protocol combined with TLS and CryptNote for greater protection of your chain

• Its operation is based on direct peer to peer communication to add an additional layer of security to your network, it also uses the Zero Knowledge Test to prevent cyber attacks on your network

• It has the ring signature mechanism that serves as a validating mechanism for commercial operations

• It has a fairly fast block generation period which contributes to the efficiency of your transactions

For all the above; We can conclude that Dero has a powerful and robust technology infrastructure that offers several layers of security in its chain that directly contribute to the protection of our assets and the privacy and speed of our transactions through its platform.

Without a doubt, it is a digital solution of valuable security and great functionality for the administration and management of assets.

Pros & cons

  • Speed ​​in commercial operations
  • Protect your operations on networks
  • Provides multi-layered security on your network
  • It is not a stable currency