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About DigitalBits

DigitalBits is a protocol layer blockchain focused on supporting consumer digital assets, specifically branded currencies. This is inclusive of assets such as loyalty and rewards points, gift cards, and notably, the growing asset category of branded stablecoins. Considered the 2nd generation of stablecoins, a Branded Stablecoin enhances the relationship that exists between the brand and consumer - heightening market intelligence, generating more effective insight into consumer needs, and allowing brands to adapt to increasingly competitive marketing schemes.

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A convention layer blockchain worked to help customer advanced resource.

I'm idealistic that DigitalBits has laid the foundations to prevail later on. They offer an energizing arrangement of innovation, proficient business improvement, advertise potential, and group…See more

DigitalBits (XDB): is a project for brand identification, is a modern block chain.

DigitalBits (XDB): is a project for brand identification, is a modern block chain that was designed to support digital assets in order to be digested directly to the consumer, the one who buys or…See more

What is DigitalBits?

The protocol layer blockchain is designed to support consumer digital assets. In particular, branded currencies that you can spend on rewards and offerings. That said, the company is planning to…See more