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Review on DUO Network Token by Ernesto Palma

DUO Network Token (DUO) is characterized by the fact that it promotes the digitization of tokens.

It is a new project of crypto-currency that is called DUO Network Token (DUO), is characterized by 2 things in the decentralization and business that drives the digitization of tokens, his idea is to aspire to a more demanding market, which will bring as a product its range of financial services, offers security, transparency and transfers of shares, its liquidity within the market will be ensured by the way it will be presented to a consumer public, currently occupies the position number 2563 in the list of currency, its amount within the market is unknown, has a total of 100 million shares for sale.

Pros & cons

  • Your currency can be purchased, for the following exchanges: [USDT / BTC / ETH] with a high level of confidentiality, complying with the security levels of the market.
  • It has the integration of a third party currency that supports the technology of the project (DUO) integrates support in the digital world, which share the wallet application, where you can save the coins purchased.
  • Very little volume per day, for a project that is starting, they handle a very low volume, they do not know the amount of capitalization within the market.