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Review on e-Chat by Taya Kyle

E-Chat (ECHT): This is a small project that allows you to create and send private messages.

e-Chat is an informal community of another era that allows you to keep in touch with your friends, family and find new colleagues. Offer your presence by e-mail. The e-commerce project has become a place where customers can really talk to each other in a decentralized manner, but in digital currencies you can also learn the full benefits of payment alternatives in a very complete and contactless way. If you look at the usage issue that the aforementioned project is trying to bring, we can see that this will really affect the existence of a large number of people, because the piece is related to a fifty-one connection. There are a lot of useful comments about this project but unfortunately choose to say it is not available right now.
The security of the shy market has been completely shattered by the bombing of the ICO stage and the arrival of unsold notes intended to burn the case. In addition to talking to adults, fake exercises have been completed on this stage due to the inability of the customers to provide them properly.

Pros & cons

  • There is an embankment and a purse
  • there is no time