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EA Token

5 · Terrible

Price$ 0.00
Volume$ 177,944.32

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As the name suggests, the token of their online games

In the crypto world, users have become very interested in games recently. Meanwhile, helper projects have been created for hundreds of games, including major and popular platforms. The EA token…See more

EA tokens, A complicated token with no use.

A Russian token that was developed without any form of development to both user's and the blockchain community. I find this project not a reliable and dependable platform, as it was created with…See more

Can't recommend this project as a legit one.

EA tokens, was created and established on a very decentralized atmosphere and had a price cap that made the token look very promising and developed a well user interface for the standard of the…See more

It looks like a project focused on Russia in general.

In fact, the project seems dead in general. Because it does not have enough user support and knowledge. I have researched the purpose of the project, and as far as I understand it seems to be aiming…See more

Token aimed at the Russian market. (without much data)

This seems to be a utility token within their official website that is apparently related to games, it is only available in Russian. There is not much information about this project in other…See more