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Review on EDC Blockchain by Gulnara Baytahanowa

Revainrating 2 out of 5

It is more useful to follow or observe from the side.

In fact, the plan had gigantic goals, the team of creators made a personal blockchain and aims to provide fast and secure transactions. But even if the gigantic goals and efforts were not in vain, it is impossible to say, in fact, that this has become fully known. I did not take part in the plan from the very beginning, but I never stopped observing it, at the same time I waited for fresh ideas to be presented and interested my concern in a big competition, but I can say that my expectation is not the cover came. Including if their key task is to make a token valuable, I can say, in fact, that the value of the token at the moment is much, much lower. However, the stock exchanges on which it is traded are not recognized, and this issue worries me. Last but not least, I believe about investing in this for trial purposes and I will quickly invest in it. Actually, I don’t think that everything will be smooth. Due to the fact that the comments of normal users seem to be negative. Yes, all the links of the plan are still functional, but the team works rather disorganized, as a consequence of this, similarly, it does not have the ability to assemble a function or a theme as a whole. Apart from this, I can say, in fact, that my questions remained unanswered, but every day I sent messages to the help desk.

In short, if the plan is not steered more masterfully, I suppose it can no longer endure all the hardships. In any case, I strive to make a splash.

  • In the meantime, I will not get carried away with this issue.
  • The plan looks rather confusing.
  • Help desk is not responding.