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Review on Elrond by David Filip

Elrond - new generation of crypto

I am one of a follower of this project and long user now closed Elrond community where you were able to earn free ERD (old native token). This was quite rewarding and I enjoyed the time promoting the project. The project itself is great, they have moved to their own blockchain and swapped old token recently. They are new generation of crypto. The main advantage lies in their blockchain which is really scalable (one of the fastest) and secured (using modern POS consensus). They are fiercly fighting for adoption not only their project but the whole cryptocurrency. I really like their community (esp. on telegram where the discussion were fruitfull). The best thing is their app Maiar which is kinf of wallet that could really help mass adoption as it will remove the adresses for sending crypto.

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Pros & cons

  • fast and secure blockchain
  • great inner value and use cases
  • strong followers base
  • maiar
  • still waiting for wider adoption