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Review on Emercoin by José A Rodríguez

A Professional Project for the Solution and Development of Technology in Digital Companies

As an initial summary, Emercoin is a blockchain project that dedicates its services to the most technical part of the marketplace by offering to a special kind of digital platforms a set of services and solutions linked to APIs, software, and more. It goes through the implementation of a dSDK (the whole information is on the platform), and it is a great option for this type of projects.

This project is more than anything offered for companies since the tasks are seen as something professional that could be implemented carefully in all the platforms managed by them. It has a great list of services defined not only as written actions, but facts with high outcomes already obtained. At least this part is reliable since the team has been working tirelessly to update the platform with great results of the work of their company. Now, in the lines below I offer the common highlighted features I made by my own according to the offers of this company. In this opportunity, just four are the most important to understand why is so important a project like this.

E - Open Support to a Wide Set of Companies.

E - Different Decentralized Channels where the Main Platform has Autonomy.

E - Advanced Services-tree Highlighting Protocols for Tech Solutions.

E- Services Available for Different Fields.

This platform is really centred on technology and the scope it can have for a near future thanks to the availability of those services. Most of them are a great support for business without caring so much if they are mid or high enterprises, it serves equally to its cause.

Now, one of the things that make me think on issues on this blockchain is the great amount of content they offer in their platform without complete outcomes from its customers. Most of the new things that have been added recently are still waiting to be experienced. A better idea to improve the current design of the company would be to reduce that content and add it directly in their whitepaper with an active link to access to it or download it. In this way the can save space, and include other sections like customer's testimonials, and social media community channels.

Anyway, this project has not a bad structure. It is, in fact, defined in an excellent way. The company just requires to improve and upload their roadmaps until making it clear to users, and from this way, it will be possible to measure professionals what they expect to reach. Having access to a project dedicated to technology is a great alternative for enterprises. Remember this project is just for professional areas instead of individuals, it is not a channel for finances.

Pros & cons

  • Innovative project serving different causes all linked to technology development and solution.
  • The platform provides great content for understanding how everything works, and what type of services are the most appropriate depending on the company's needs.
  • It is secure enough and provides that security for external channels in which it also brings tech support.
  • Decentralized platform running with great operativity in the web. It has an open-source protocol defined in the tree they offer.
  • It is simple to use for some of the main services, but it also tends to be complex although great for hard solutions.
  • There exist a vast amount of information scattered on the web that tends to cause misunderstanding in some important information.
  • The current content should be added in a white-paper with an open link instead of being all released in the platform because it damages the design of the platform.
  • It is still little considered by companies since they have things to improve in their services.