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Review on Ferrum Network by DeFi Enthusiast

FERRUM NETWORK: Undervalued gem that has all it takes to lead the way to mass adoption

I have been investing in the crypto space for over three years and have done profound due diligence on over 50 projects.

Ferrum Network’s GROUNDBREAKING features quickly caught my attention, as they solve some of the biggest hurdles to mass adoption. All the positives made me question where the catch was, and I spent a lot of time digging into the Ferrum rabbit hole. When I came up from my investigation, I was thoroughly blown away by Ferrum, more so than by any of the other projects I had looked at.

You may be wondering why Ferrum has been around since the 2018 bear market and why it still has a fairly low market cap. My opinion is because they are operating in stealth mode and are focusing on building an entire DeFi ecosystem instead of empty promises and marketing. But 2021 will be a complete game changer for Ferrum – if not to say Ferrum will be changing the whole DeFi space...

Below are the TEN KEY REASONS why I am extremely bullish on Ferrum and why it will have a fantastic future. The purpose of this review is to help people who just found Ferrum and help educate new community members regarding all the unique features and benefits Ferrum brings.

I. Great Technology

For over two years, the Ferrum team has been building an entire DeFi ecosystem. This ecosystem includes e.g.:

• Groundbreaking tech that enables interconnectivity between virtually all blockchains. Ferrum is really at the FOREFRONT of interoperability, which is badly needed in the DeFi space.
• Ferrum is the undisputed market leader when it comes to highly customizable staking technology.

• In the first half of 2021 Ferrum will launch their main net which will enable very low-cost, risk-free, instant peer-to-peer transactions of any digital asset. Transaction settlement will be milliseconds.

• Soon Ferrum will be announcing a paradigm-shifting surprise DeFi product currently being audited as of Dec 2020.

• Ferrum will launch a decentralized exchange with a direct fiat gateway in Q2/Q3 2021.

II. Groundbreaking features

Ferrum has unique features that can revolutionize the DeFi space:

• Link Drop – This amazing feature enables sending crypto through any social media platform using a link and eliminating the risk of sending crypto to a wrong wallet. This is HUGE!

• 1 cent transactions – When Ferrum launches their mainnet in Q1/Q2, there will be no more insane Ethereum gas fees to pay. FRM holders will only have to pay 1 cent per transaction while transferring from almost all blockchains. This is truly revolutionary!

• Deflationary – the ENTIRE FRM ecosystem is deflationary, which reduces supply and should increase the price.

III. An impressive track record of success

• Ferrum team members have worked at Microsoft, Amazon, Bloomberg, and on Wall-Street. They have graduated from some of the best universities, including Stanford and have backgrounds in Computer Science, Quantitative Analysis, Financial Strategy, and Distributed Systems. As impressive as this is, they are collectively better as a whole and are all working to continue bringing value to the FRM ecosystem.

• Ferrum has signed up already over 50 paying customers to which they offer 7 different staking technologies, some of them unique to Ferrum. New customers are signed up every week.

• There are already over $20,000,000 in total locked value using the Ferrum Protocol.

• The staking-as-a-service platform already generates over $60k in revenue per month. It is making Ferrum one of the very few crypto projects that are actually making money. With part of the generated profits FRM is repurchased on the open market - over $150k have been bought back to date.

IV. Multiple products with a growing userbase of over 20,000 active users

• Besides its staking-as-a-service platform Ferrum has three more working products with more than 20,000 active users

• The most prominent of them is UniFyre Wallet – this product is showing incredible growth in downloads since hitting the market, and within the UniFyre Wallet, users can stake their tokens conveniently and safely. More than 50% of the total circulating FRM supply are currently held on the UniFyre wallet

• With new staking clients every week - some of them offering their staking via the UniFyre Wallet - many new potential investors get to know Ferrum every week. Taking notice of the unique features within UniFyre Wallet many new users are being acquired and the base of active user keeps growing exponentially

V. Governance with a twist

Ferrum recently introduced the FRMx governance token for the entire ecosystem. There will only ever be 33,000 FRMx tokens and approximately only 2,000 are currently in circulation.

• A separate token used for governance and with massive utility.

• Users who stake FRM receive FRMx as a reward.

• Those individuals holding 20 FRMx and a minimum of 100k FRM (alternatively 750k FRM and a minimum of 5 FRMx) gain access to the Ferrum Governance Committee. Members contribute and provide suggestions for how FRM, FRMx, LP, and multi-token staking will be structured and have direct conversations with the Ferrum leadership regarding strategic decisions to be taken.

• For FRMx there was a FAIR launch, with no presale. FRMx tokens were directly listed on UniSwap – since then the price per FRMx has skyrocketed from $20 to over $5,000!

VI. Amazing perks and benefits for token holders

By holding FRM and FRMx in UniFyre wallet, users are rewarded and can access highly attractive presales like BONDLY and Poolz.

• Holding a minimum of 50k FRM and 1 FRMx in a UniFyre wallet gets you monthly airdrops of up to 30% APY, which are paid in FRMx. There is a rewards calculator on the Ferrum website for users to see how much they will receive per month.

• The FOUNDRY, a joint venture between Ferrum and DuckDAO, is a fantastic utility for Ferrum holders. Taking the best from both Ferrum and DuckDAO, The Foundry helps incubated projects to be successful in the short- and longterm. Ferrum holders can get GUARANTEED access into some of the highest upside projects at early investor rounds. Two examples are BONDLY, currently trading at around a 12 to 15 times multiples for FRM investors, and Poolz, whose TGE and listing will happen in January 2021. Poolz private sale was oversubscribed by 25x – so unless you were a Ferrum holder it was basically impossible to get cheap private sale access.

VII. Addition of BitBoy as Ferrums new marketing and growth advisor

Ferrum and BitBoy recently announced that BitBoy is joining the Ferrum Network as a Marketing and Growth advisor. BitBoy is one of the largest crypto influencers with impressive figures:

• 205k YouTube subscribers

• 13.6+ Million YouTube views

• 39k Instagram followers

• 45k Twitter followers

• 2.4+ Million TikTok followers

His last advisor position was with YF-DAI, which has seen massive growth. BitBoy will be offering Ferrum advice and guidance on marketing strategies and will regularly feature FRM and FRMx on his YouTube channel.

Also, in the last weeks many other crypto influencers started mentioning Ferrum - and with more visibility the price has started rising significantly.

VIII. Upcoming listing on major global exchange will further increase visibility

Ferrum has outgrown its current exchanges (the biggest one is currently BitMax).

• The Ferrum team has confirmed that they are working on being listed on a top tier exchange. In a recent video Ian Friend (Ferrum’s COO) hinted that there will be exchange news very soon and BitBoy leaked that Ferrum will be listed on a major global exchange very soon.

• If FRM/FRMx are listed on larger exchanges the influx of new investors will increase visibility and grow demand for those tokens.

IX. Community-first approach and FANTASTIC team

Before investing in any crypto project I always have a close look at the team and the community - Ferrum has all it takes:

• Very strong and highly engaged community.

• Ferrum's CEO and Lead Developer Naiem Yeganeh is working 80+ hours a week and people who have seen him coding described him as "magician" to me: Naiem is always way ahead of the curve and where other lead developers give up he only starts having fun.

• Ferrum's COO Ian Friend brings a broad set of complimentary skills at the table - a lawyer from profession he is extremely well-known and respected in the crypto community. Multiple times he has proven his great strategic foresight and he is always approachable and active in the Ferrum telegram chat

• All Ferrum team members show an impressive level of dedication and are always willing to go the extra mile; you can clearly feel that they are truly passionate about what they are doing and will not stop before Ferrum gets the recognition it deserves.

X. Massively Undervalued

The FRM market cap of $22 million as of January 2021 is massively undervalued:

• The current market cap was accomplished mostly without any marketing (except two recent BitBoy videos that already started increasing the price).

• Main net is coming soon and with appropriate marketing a top 50 market cap is definitely attainable in my opinion. At current market cap this would mean an increase of over 30x.

• Based on all the above mentioned aspects I really expect the FRM and FRMx price to skyrocket in the next weeks – Ferrum Network is clearly my most promising pick for 2021 and beyond.

Pros & cons

  • Top-notch technology with unique features
  • Undisputed market leader for customizable staking
  • Impressive track-record of success and very experienced team
  • Highly profitable business
  • Large number of active users that is growing exponentially
  • Listing of major global exchange confirmed and about to happen very soon
  • Amazing perks for FRM and FRMx token holders
  • Market cap still very low - massive growth potential
  • Community-first approach and fantastic team
  • I didn't find any real cons. In the past Ferrum was not very visible - but this is starting to change rapidly