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Review on Ferrum Network by José A Rodríguez

Ferrum Network: DeFis, Earnings, and Digital Security for all

Ferrum is a network that works with great connectivity among projects. It is a DeFi project providing a set of solutions for the decentralized finances through problems that they commonly register. By doing this the team wants also to offer customers the chance of having access to their money by a high and totally secure mass-adoption. The way in which the company proposes its goals through the problem-solution is what I like the most of it because they make sure of two important things: reliability, and well-defined contents.

The main solution of it is to offer an already created descentralized finance chain that operates within the connection of another project. It knows their cores and protocols, and assess internal features of them. This action covers an already used list of services common in a blockchain.

F - Permits the integration of financial instruments into exchanges where investments can be placed.

F - It is an ecosystem running with the support of the two leader blockchain projects, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

F - Open Channels to mining pools where good amounts of blocks have been already found and mined.

F - Good place for investments with global benefits in a market established in Africa. It brings support to that continent and also permits them to be more efficient in the mass adoption of tokens.

Even earnings are possible on these projects thanks to the well-developed staking options. Here, advanced users in the field can stake all ERC-20 tokens. It presents a good percentage considering that general incomes are even higher, and the company also released a yearly plan. This program is high enough for different fields that can be assessed through projects offered by the company.

In general, this blockchain project is taking the lead mark in the Defi action since it is one of the clearest projects with active action plans for the future and daily support to already partnered services. Not only the services are important but also the way in which earnings are secure and transparent with just a couple of actions. It has not failures, and there are no risks for investing in it, instead, it can be a good experience.

Pros & cons

  • Great set of services to contribute to the Defi plan which is explained carefully and offer outcomes registered on their open sections.
  • Professionalism can be found in the team who is completed by the developer, economists, and stakers.
  • The mining pools are excessively good for mining blocks containing different tokens supported by the project.
  • The community it has is not only available in the platform, but also in open channels of the social media.
  • Incomes are secure and instantaneous. All earnings are part of the services offered by the company.
  • It is presenting some scalability issues due to the blocked mass-adoption that have affected the market.