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Review on Hakka.Finance by Adedayo Adeniji


Hakka Finance is an array of Decentralized finance applications which all together constitute a facility which allows users to access financial freedom to decide.

Hakka Finance offers you a decentralized Automatic Market Making Exchange made for stablecoins.

You are allowed to participate in a rainy day kind of insurance packaged which makes you protected against MakerDAO risk of collapse, it exists as a collection of insurance and not an option insurance.

You can also predict the price of assets as a holder of HAKKA with the Hakka intelligence product.

It offers a decentralized finance handbook as a guide for to launch into the decentralized finance protocols.

Pros & cons

  • It offers automated market making exchange for stablecoins.
  • It provides a collective insurance package
  • It helps in rate of change of asset predictions.
  • It offers guide in form of handbook.
  • Every of the services it renders is backed by HAKKA token