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Review on Harmony by Joseph Bello

Revainrating 5 out of 5

An upcoming spotlight in on the blockchain industry

A project that has lots of partners that are highly recognised in the virtual currency sector and being a blockchain project also is enough reason why the project will also become a spotlight in he Industry,since such renown company only partner with upcoming project that they believe sharing in their goals, ideology and objectives will bring positive results and having Binance,Uniswap,Huobi,Ledger, and Metamask can also be an added advantage to such project's rapid growth. It is a platform for the creation and running of Dapps together with other transaction,it makes use of sharding, sharding allows them separate and store dataset on multiple database to enhance the performance and scalability of applications. It also makes use of the POS mechanism to reduce the rate and consumption rate of electricity. I have taken a good look at this project and I observed it has a group of experienced founding team which might be the reason why their partners got attracted to them and since the project was launched in 2019 lots of decentralized apps have been launched on in its ecosystem and this made Harmony more appreciated and everyone in expecting to see more from them soon because of the massive adoption DeFi projects of recent. Harmony is an Intriguing and fascinating project that everyone needs to watch out for and keep their fingers crossed.

  • High scalability and performance
  • High trade volume
  • The project has many reputable partners
  • It uses a POS mechanism and implements sharding in data storage
  • None