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HARMONY. Good or Bad?

On the harmony website we can read information that It's a revolutionary high-throughput but in fact nobody can show you something revolutionary in this project. I tried to speculate on the price…See more

Harmony (ONE): is a project that has tools that simplify financial processes.

Harmony (ONE): is a project that has tools that simplify financial processes for people who do not have as much experience in the market, its operation is based on a blockchain that registers really…See more

Harmony is the $ONE

Harmony $ONE is a project aimed at building a decentralised blockchain community. This aim reflects in the large number of active staking validators on the network. I like $ONE mostly because of it…See more

blockchain harmony

It is focused on being a network that is allowed through consensus, maximum progress in the network. In summary, this platform allows the creation of new applications on the Harmony network, which…See more

Open Consensus For 10 Billion People.

Harmony is still moving forward with their progress.. It is one of the more technically captivating platforms their focus on user/data privacy opens them up to huge industries that require private…See more