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Review on Harmony by LUIS RIVERO R

Revainrating 3 out of 5

blockchain harmony

It is focused on being a network that is allowed through consensus, maximum progress in the network. In summary, this platform allows the creation of new applications on the Harmony network, which serves as a bridge for more than 10B people to have a future economy. In other words, provide the solutions that Bitcoin and Etherium can no longer meet due to the circumstances of the network.
-Second official data has a highly qualified team, who have held high positions in recognized companies.
-Multiple and highly scalable ecosystem in the number of transactions processed using fewer resources.
-On the One network will allow the construction of different applications in your network, in the style of Etherium, such as games, decentralized exchanges and the use of Artificial Intelligence.
However, your network is not yet available, it is necessary to wait to access your main network. So all the information they grant is based on theory, it is also almost impossible to win the battle of a great one like etherium and that in essence is what this project looks for and witnessed different cryptoactives like this that are really sold as one of the best options without However, most of them end up failing along the way.

We also have other innovative projects such as TRX, which in a way Harmony one would be another blockchain with a few additional features.

  • It has a daily, high market capitalization.
  • It is launched on the binance platform.
  • It has a large number of tokens.
  • It is not yet available on your maimnet, that is, all the data is theoretical.
  • For now it does not have real use cases.
  • There is not much information about the project or mentions in other sites.