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Review on Holo by Maximiliano Aquino

Holo, a differentiated system.

I confess that when I started to study about this project I was a little puzzled, because it seemed like an innovative project. And in fact throughout my analysis I can say that I was very excited about Holo, or Holochain which is the name of the Holo platform. Its platform works differently from a conventional blockchain, there is no mining so to speak, its transactions are carried out point-to-point, and there is no need for miners to maintain functionality on the network. This would make the platform's functionality much more scalable and accessible to everyone. Your Holo currency would be the kind of fuel to make the interest within your ecosystem. Holo had its ICO in 2018, but its project has been designed according to team members since before the creation of BTC. Let's say that Holo is a platform that came to fix certain scalability and usability problems of existing conventional blockchain, such as ETH, BTC and others. Certainly Holo still has a very small market value, not least because there is no great marketing work behind the project, which in a way is a very negative point, the more media the more growth in theory, but even so in from my point of view a project that aims to relieve costs and streamline all transaction processing and in a totally decentralized and low cost way, say zero, is a project that deserves to be closely observed !!

Pros & cons

  • highly scalable and low cost transactions
  • fully decentralized
  • a system accessible to everyone
  • little marketing by the team and very little market value, despite being a project with a very solid proposal.