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About Holo

Holochain is holographic storage for distributed applications. A holochain is a validating distributed hash table (DHT) where every node enforces validation rules on data against the signed chains where the data originated. Holochain is designed to support and embody social coherence – groups that want to collaborate or coordinate together according to a set of agreements which allows them to share data or other value in reliable ways.

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Holo: an opportunity to participate in the storage and creation of decentralized applications and earn income from it

Many have been the blockchains that are based on the rental of computing potential for hosting tasks and in exchange for delivering a digital reward to the owners of these equipment. This process…See more

About Holo

Holochain provides a data structure that can be used to build decentralized applications. You have your own chain to which you can add data, including financial transactions. Chains can join, divide…See more

About Holo

HOT was launched into the cryptocurrency market in 2017. In 2018-2019, HOT, whose investment value was low and considered as an alternative to Bitcoin, could not watch at a long-term market value as…See more

Holochain: A Decentralized Network Providing Successful Digital Tools

First of all and just as quick reminder, Holochain is not any type of Blockchain at all. During years this confusion has existed and some questions came with it but the fact is that the platform was…See more


This project or cryptocurrency has caused uproar in recent years as it has alarming growth and acceptance It has a very attractive name in the market giving it more opportunities to get users and…See more


I always say that the chosen name for the acronym, the symbol of any cryptocurrency, has an effect on attracting investors to it. This can be the reason for the good success of HOT currency. This…See more

Holo, a differentiated system.

I confess that when I started to study about this project I was a little puzzled, because it seemed like an innovative project. And in fact throughout my analysis I can say that I was very excited…See more


This is an accounting platform and system. It allows consensus among users. Each user maintains their integrity of their different BlockChaim, which has transformed scalability into a serious problem…See more

Holochain is a platform that seeks better use of the Internet. HOLO the new free internet without central power. Thanks to this technology, everything that has been done on the net can be innovated such as consulting a search database that does not solicit a single distributor like Google, advertising without paying fees on the pages, etc ...

Holochain, which some also call Holo, Holotoken or even Holo Network, was imagined as an "improved" version of the blockchain as we know it today. Some people do not even consider Holo as an altcoin…See more

Giving developers a new framework.

The team behind it came up with an innovative and unique approach, the platform is ready to be used, and developers can already start building applications on it. It has been in the works ever since…See more