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Review on Holo by José A Rodríguez

Holochain: A Decentralized Network Providing Successful Digital Tools

First of all and just as quick reminder, Holochain is not any type of Blockchain at all. During years this confusion has existed and some questions came with it but the fact is that the platform was created as an open-source network that runs with the idea of an agent-centric. In words of the company, this system is not trying to improve any outcome from common projects considered blockchains, but it wants to create something unique that can be utilized for the future of developers investing time on a financial invention. In my own words, I see this project as a network with many directions focused on the same interests, but with lots of differences among their agents to get also single benefits.

It is a network where it is possible to grow up economically. For doing this is not necessary to forget old contents about blockchain technology, but make it aside until users can recognize the difference between one and the current project. After this, it is also necessary to remaster certain practices about the functioning of this network from its core or nucleus. Beyond all, the team of the company provides essential leadership for everyone by ensuring that having own access not only to finances, but also to the way we use the internet, the digital data, and so on, will guarantee that in the future it can be less risky to trade online.

The project has not recycled any idea as I can see. I studied it for a long time to measure what the company really offers. On the other hand, customers are the ones that can have access to everything within the platform, this includes the open protocols and inner management. This project offers certain differences because it works with more freedom to offer complete solutions to the data protection that can be linked to any other service required.

Holochain can help people to control their data scattered on the web, instead of letting the system and another type of VPN doing it by itself without frequent advances to the customer. It is totally free on the internet, and that includes that any type of centralized businesses can get in touch on it, and affect it. But this is not all the platform do because it also had a specially designed app that has been working with great results to provide services to any type of digital links, including streaming platforms and social media dedicated to economics.

What is really attractive is that even without the help of developers; users, including the new ones, can build an extended set of applications for their own use. It is necessary to know certain concepts that the platform itself is able to offer, as well as some virtual practices easy to manage. After all, I think everyone can also become a developer working with effort for innovative apps that are agent-centric between economy, and digital protection. When all this happen the system start providing a type of storage organization that is also different from blockchain because here everything works like holographic storage that is administered by squares and each one compound vital processes of the main source.

Sometimes, Holochain seems to be a kind of project really committed with everything that is rounding the internet of things, the way it is used, and how it is now partnered to finances through the well-known e-commerce. So, in conclusion, these are also the concepts that the network can work with and try to solve in case of requiring certain improvements. This is a project with a lot of technology to know, and certainly, it is an ideal option to become a developer or a private-tech-builder. All processes can be even cheaper, so there's no need to worried about additional fees.

Pros & cons

  • It is a platform fully designed with integration, open values, and care processes to really go up with the advantages of their initiative.
  • It compounds lots of technology improvements for the current digital world. Even more, the chain was designed with care following the same parameters.
  • It is an ideal site for many developers that have been looking for years to work with a chain network different from others.
  • It provides many virtual services for privacy protection, data management, app design, and more.
  • It has clear and concise informative content to understand how the company works and what they really offer for the future.
  • It is different from a blockchain, so the way it really works can be still difficult for many users. It is not organized in the same way as other projects.
  • It is not partnered with any type of external providers from the marketplace because of its decentralized idea of being self-Provider.
  • Despite all services it can offer, the management of its coin cannot work deliberately. It has a token still depending on the fluctuation of the Ethereum network.