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Review on Holo by Crypto Fact

Giving developers a new framework.

The team behind it came up with an innovative and unique approach, the platform is ready to be used, and developers can already start building applications on it. It has been in the works ever since the original Bitcoin whitepaper. Technology has evolved and adjusted to the needs of decentralized solutions today, but the experience and research the team has gained over this long period of time should not be underestimated.

Enterprise partnerships and reliable execution will be necessary to take the project mainstream and achieve the vision of mass adoption.

Pros & cons

  • People should be able to communicate directly and securely without relying on any third party intermediaries.
  • By switching from a data-dependent blockchain to an agent-centered system capable of virtually infinite scalability, distributed computing models for hallucines seem to be taking decentralization to a new level.
  • The team demonstrates a strong sense of ethics in how they position it.
  • The goal is to be a significant upgrade of the current blockchain model.
  • It is operating in a highly competitive market which could turn out to become a winner takes it all environment.