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Review on Holo by Mehdi hazni


I always say that the chosen name for the acronym, the symbol of any cryptocurrency, has an effect on attracting investors to it. This can be the reason for the good success of HOT currency.

This project is relatively active on social media and is very popular. About 25,000 followers on Twitter, about 7,000 on reddit and about 9,000 on telegram messenger indicate the good popularity of this project on social media.

The price of this currency has increased by about 31% compared to the last 2 years.

In general, in my opinion, if the price of a currency has risen over the past two years, we can hope for its future.

Analyzing the hot currency chart in the 4Hours time frame and btc pair, after failing to break the 100,000 Satoshi resistance, the price fell slightly. But it has jumped to that range again, and if it approaches the resistance range, it can be hoped to fail. If it fails again, price correction and pullback will be performed again.

In my opinion, if the resistance fails well, we can invest in this cryptocurrency for a long time

Pros & cons

  • This currency is ranked 71st in terms of coinmarketcap rankings, and I think rankings below 100 can see good growth in the future.
  • Possibility of growth in the short term
  • An attractive name that can attract investors
  • The daily trading volume is about $ 9 million, which I expected more from this volume considering the rating of this currency
  • The current price per HOT is about 67% lower than All Time High