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Review on Holo by Fanuel PORPORTY

Holochain is a platform that seeks better use of the Internet. HOLO the new free internet without central power. Thanks to this technology, everything that has been done on the net can be innovated such as consulting a search database that does not solicit a single distributor like Google, advertising without paying fees on the pages, etc ...

Holochain, which some also call Holo, Holotoken or even Holo Network, was imagined as an "improved" version of the blockchain as we know it today. Some people do not even consider Holo as an altcoin, but rather as an altchain, that is to say a cryptoactive fundamentally different from those that we know.

In fact, Holochain operates on the basis of a new type of registry that is more scalable, faster, more energy efficient and significantly cheaper to operate than Bitcoin or Ethereum. To go into details, this is a register similar to blockchain, but for which the nodes only hold the data that directly concerns them, and only publish hash values ​​of the data that they hold. There is no absolute consensus for each operation carried out, nor central nodes. It may seem revolutionary but it is actually a net mesh, or mesh network, in which a value transfer solution is integrated (HOT tokens).

The primary goal of the project is to be a fully decentralized platform for application design and web hosting. To do this, Holo uses a consensus method called "Proof of Service", which makes it totally different from other systems using Proof of Work or Proof of Stake. Holochain is an interesting alternative to blockchains because it was specially designed for the creation of applications and new technologies, which is not the case with a classic blockchain. Holo also aims to eventually become the replacement for the internet, while remaining decentralized. On the Holo network, your personal data belongs to you 100% and you choose how to operate your applications. You can share computing power directly across the Holoport to help others connect to peer-to-peer (P2P) applications. Whenever people use apps that you host, you earn HOT tokens.

If we compare Holo to other crypto-assets, we realize that it is one of the only projects to have launched its ICO while already having a functional product. Indeed, the company has already created a kind of box which makes it possible to operate the network: the Holoport.


  1. First, buy this product.
  2. The Holoport must then be connected to the network.
  3. Among different configurations, you will have to choose the one you want.
  4. Then you can share the computing capacities of your Holoport and thus provide computing power for decentralized applications.
  5. You will then earn Holo Fuel which can either be resold or used to buy services.

Pros & cons

  • Product essentially already functional.
  • Simple operation of the project thanks to the Holoport box.
  • Project both original and important to create a decentralized internet.
  • Large community, and widespread enthusiasm for the project.
  • Requires the purchase of the Holoport box to be able to function fully.
  • Concept radically different from blockchain and which can be difficult to understand.
  • The team has 25% of the chips. Although this amount is lower than the percentage held by the teams responsible for certain other crypto-assets, this amount remains significant.