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Review on Holo by Ana A


This is an accounting platform and system. It allows consensus among users. Each user maintains their integrity of their different BlockChaim, which has transformed scalability into a serious problem. They have a team of developers committed and ready with the project.

The best aspect when we refer to Holochain is its incredible ability to climb. No need to worry about the number of transactions you can make per second. Holochain only stores the essential data of the chain of each member. Surprisingly, the transaction data is not considered important and is therefore not saved.The HOT token is the first token to be run on the Holochain basis. Although it may seem strange, its acronyms do not come from Holochain but from Holo. Because the token has not yet been released on the Holochain itself at the moment it is an ERC-20 token.

It is more than just a cryptocurrency. It becomes an alternative to blockchain. Although many aspects of both are common they have a great difference, the form to reach the consensus.

Pros & cons

  • Focuses on providing versatile solutions that benefit both parties
  • There are no intermediaries in transactions, there are anonymities.
  • The person has the possibility to modify and improve the interface according to their needs and comfort.
  • has its own token
  • It is a platform that delivers information to be used in Big data, so many users doubt the privacy it offers.
  • I consume high levels of energy, as each member must verify their blockChain networks.
  • They must make use of social networks, protocols, and exchanges that generate serious problems in scalability.