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Review on Iconomi by Steven Gray

Im happy with 1% profit. and dividends will be paid out in any scenario. even…

Im happy with 1% profit. and dividends will be paid out in any scenario. even losses!!! (the fees) If that's not sweet as honey you're in the wrong place. This is the first crypto-token that you can still make a profit if the value of the token went down or the fund didnt perform. Simply groundbreaking imho.
I think listing in POLONIEX can help in pumping up the price for the time being. I am a long term investor. So I don't really mind about the price swings in any direction. If it crashes for any reason, investors will buy into it. No doubt about that. I will be happy if ICONOMI can pay dividends for the tokens I hold.

Pros & cons

  • ICONOMI have to drop share INDEX share to 1-2% that steem will go down like rock in water. So inflated system and end worse like DOGE was. There is merit to the expectations of people here. Iconomi has never really been pumped like almost every other coin.When the platform launches, dividends get payed and awareness rises, we'll see some major boost to the ICN price. My gut feeling says the price may be 5-10 times the price from now. Crypto-assets will generally be on the rise compared to currency-coins. The market cap. will certainly double and surpass Maidsafecoin once the hype kicks in. Get ready.
  • Taas is a closed fund and they have already sold all the tokens while Iconomi needs to have a large number of people using their platform to benefit the company and the founders. With buybacks they can also let US citizens use the platform. ICN moving up.