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Revainrating 3 out of 5  
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Description of Iconomi

ICONOMI makes it easy to invest in cryptocurrencies by taking care of the hard parts for you.


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Type of review

Economics is another type of source for small cryptocurrency projects. There is a great and creative way to place yourself in front of the market, but so far no market has a limited level because it has no image. ICONOMI goes as a multi-currency wallet that works with speculation dynamics in terms of item selection and monetary risk assessment. In this regard, it is the best computerized tool to start a developed resource market in a conservative manner. The site has many experienced digital…

  • In some business sectors, it is possible to buy very well in a general way, with the option of buying in the usual way for additional purchases.
  • Except for work related to extraordinary popularity, it requires a certain amount of interest in developing your business.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I'm not sure if we should trust

Iconomi is a crypto money project created with blockchain technology. Iconomi is a small project, so don't daydream about making a profit. I haven't seen this cryptocurrency listed on any exchange yet. When I entered Iconomi's website, I saw that its interface was quite successful, but there was not enough information about the project. Iconomi's launch purpose and future goals have been spelled out very superficially. There is no informative video on Youtube. Frankly, I must say that I do not

  • The experienced cryptocurrency expert of your choice can bring you profit
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Transactions can be made with credit card and fiat money
  • There is not enough information about the reliability of the project
  • It is not known which exchanges it is listed on

Revainrating 4 out of 5

ICONOMI: All your finances in one place

Both for beginners who want to be part of the business of digital assets and for small and large traders and investors, gathering all their digital finances in a single platform is the most convenient, since with this not only save time in entering several applications but that will decrease the costs for using different wallets. Precisely at this point, is where the main utility of the ICONOMI platform lies. ICONOMI acts as a multi-currency wallet that facilitates investment decision making…

  • Allows you to consolidate all your cryptographic protocols in a wallet
  • Facilitates asset trading management
  • Saves costs and time in using multiple platforms
  • Promotes massive foray into the digital industry with reduced risk
  • No disadvantages

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Iconomi: is a venture zeroing in on quick trades.

Iconomi (ICN): is an undertaking zeroing in on quick trades, has a huge index accessible on its foundation, its business ideal is to offer a method for speculation that fills in as a safe system to ensure your exchanging resources, presents apparatuses intended to be overseen in the business sectors in an immediate way with a decent administration of your exchanging resources, which has a calculation that permits you to oversee well the degree of safety, it is a cutting edge and utilitarian…

  • It has a portable wallet application for different working frameworks.
  • It permits the production of wallets with explicit utilizations, which is an extraordinary assistance for the individuals who need to oversee wallets with various monetary standards.
  • Presently it's anything but somewhat dormant of any movement.

This is an investment platform with cryptocurrency and has more than 20 listed assets, which allows you to create only private investment mechanisms, as a result of which everyone has the opportunity to buy this offer, as it is really simple and of course for new users, has a good candidate. will be. According to the website, he has been working since 2016. ICONOMI, a platform created to facilitate the purchase of cryptocurrency wallets, allows you to choose cryptocurrencies. Based on the…

  • The firm produces new products such as deFi cryptocurrency loans.
  • EICN owners are very good at getting their property and interest rates.
  • A great way to change cryptocurrencies with just a few clicks.
  • The products follow the best practices for a smooth and soft interface.
  • Crypto assets are the first step in diversification technology.
  • Less information.

Iconomi is a type of asset representing a small cryptocurrency project. It has an excellent and innovative way of putting itself in front of the market, but it has a limited scope because until now it has no representation in any market. No purposeful exchange has adopted this token as an essential one to be traded. So, the only way of seeing the advances of the asset is through the common statistics the company keeps providing as an example since it belongs to an internal proof of value. Now,

  • It is represented by global banking and payment methods, Visa and Mastercard. It has a solution to adopt crypto through fiat.
  • It is up to date, and the company keeps posting content on their pages to look up a way of getting involved in the marketplace.
  • It took some steps to be considered as an innovative project. Many users trust it can become a great tool with a leading partnership.
  • There are no markets available yet. It is not possible to trade this token or experience the liquidity it can have for trading. It is even impossible to say if it is a really valuable income.
  • The mixed support it has is still small. Even when it is representing the value of some leading coins, it is not reliable enough.
  • The project has standard tools for the security and safety provided. The company worries less about it and also the design of the project, which is also too simple.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Iconomi: is a project focusing on fast exchanges.

Iconomi (ICN): is a project focusing on fast exchanges, has a large catalog available on its platform, its commercial ideal is to offer a means of investment that serves as a secure mechanism to guarantee your trading assets, presents tools designed to be managed in the markets in a direct way with a good management of your trading assets, which has an algorithm that allows you to manage well the level of security, it is a modern and functional decentralized project that is established as a…

  • It has a mobile wallet application for various operating systems.
  • It allows the creation of wallets with specific uses, which is a great help for those who need to manage wallets with different currencies.
  • It can be easily purchased in some markets in a general way, there is also the possibility of being acquired with traditional means of payment, directly to the consumer.
  • It is not a project that manages a very high level of popularity, it requires some investment in its commercial advertising.
  • Currently its system is a bit inactive of any activity.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Good outlook and high quality products

Many investors investing in crypto currencies are also pursuing a strategy of diversifying their assets between different currencies. However, this requires a relatively high effort because they have to buy the different cryptocurrencies at different stock exchanges or brokers and deposit them in different wallets. On iconomi, on the other hand, it is possible to invest directly in a broadly diversified cryptocurrency portfolio. Investors simply select the BLX or another fund on the platform…

  • Company develops new products such as deFi crypto loans.
  • eICN holders receive assets and profit percentage very fairly.
  • Great way to diversify in crypto with just a few clicks.
  • Products are smooth and follow all best practices for an amazing interface.
  • First mover in crypto asset diversification technology.
  • USA support is not currently available but when they go to USA expect great things.
  • Development could go quicker but I understand the need for extra security.
  • The competition is growing.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

short and long term investment management

ICONOMI is designed to facilitate the purchase of a cryptocurrency wallet by allowing the platform to choose cryptocurrencies for you. Based on a decentralized management platform (ICONOMI's Digital Asset Management Platform), users can buy and manage digital assets and combinations of them (DAAs). In this way, the platform connects cryptocurrency buyers with third-party DAA managers, who receive fees through the platform to manage and create those funds.

  • Built platform serves Ethereum platform that is dedicated to cryptocurrency investment whether big or small investors.
  • It allows you to buy cryptocurrency portfolios known as digital asset matrices (DAA).
  • Presented in mobile versions.
  • Availability to buy and invest with a credit card.
  • The activity of the platform is inactive as well as its transactions that were not carried out more than 70 days ago.
  • Exchanges can provide greater tools for investing.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

There is currently no market for this asset.

This is a platform for investment with cryptocurrencies, that is, with more than 20 listed assets that will allow you to easily start establishing personal investment mechanisms, anyone can access this service to buy since it is really simple for new users and of course if you are experienced you will also have a good alternative. According to information published on their website they have experience since 2016 There are currently no active markets with this token.

  • Mobile application available
  • Supports only 20 assets.
  • Only available for countries within the EU for the use of fiat
  • Your token is currently inactive.
  • There are no markets available with this asset.  

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Invest in your Future Self.

It is something a bit different in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. It is a digital asset investment coin. You can invest and it will spread your funds across multiple coins. The idea of this project is to connect crypto experts and crypto trading experts with investors outside the cryptosphere. It is also safe because they store your assets in cold storage while invested to reduce the risk of hacks. They have already fended off the parity attack. It will be in a great position to…

  • To start Iconomi has the first to market advantage. They also seem to have excellent execution of the plan that set forth to complete. The ability to have strong safety can put investors mind to rest and I think the best thing that Iconomi has to offer though is the fact they can make crypto investment easier. Let's be honest most investors are not willing to keep up with all of the coins they are or want to be invested in. They would have to stay up to date on the coins twitters, the slacks, the telegrams, the news pages, and the different exchanges that they reside on. Iconomi bundles this all up for investors, therefore, making their life easier. Ease of use is very important for mass adoption. The biggest pro I see for Iconomi going forward is its allowance for the average investor to make one investment and have that one investment be invested in many different assets easily and safely.
  • Crypto fund management is a competitive business and there are lots of competitors. It doesn't constantly adapt to new security protocol then they will be at risk. The biggest con to take away from Iconomi is purely that it relies on other coins to survive.

Im happy with 1% profit. and dividends will be paid out in any scenario. even losses!!! (the fees) If that's not sweet as honey you're in the wrong place. This is the first crypto-token that you can still make a profit if the value of the token went down or the fund didnt perform. Simply groundbreaking imho. I think listing in POLONIEX can help in pumping up the price for the time being. I am a long term investor. So I don't really mind about the price swings in any direction. If it crashes…

  • ICONOMI have to drop share INDEX share to 1-2% that steem will go down like rock in water. So inflated system and end worse like DOGE was. There is merit to the expectations of people here. Iconomi has never really been pumped like almost every other coin.When the platform launches, dividends get payed and awareness rises, we'll see some major boost to the ICN price. My gut feeling says the price may be 5-10 times the price from now. Crypto-assets will generally be on the rise compared to currency-coins. The market cap. will certainly double and surpass Maidsafecoin once the hype kicks in. Get ready.
  • Taas is a closed fund and they have already sold all the tokens while Iconomi needs to have a large number of people using their platform to benefit the company and the founders. With buybacks they can also let US citizens use the platform. ICN moving up.

Becouse ICONOMI is seciutity according to SEC rules this is profit sharing token so it can not be listed on US based exchanges. But in reality such tokens are THE BEST value to me all those utility tokens are pice of shiet to me. ICONOMI have very nice plan and platform. I don't like KYC there that is why I gave up with it. I am with those my friend, i wish ican buy more that i already have. And for sure i will not give them cheaply... Compared to ICO price it's still great, but we who…

  • My secret source just told me the Rothschild family is actually behind Iconomi! There's no way it can fail now! We will be becoming the patient person for this, It may happen soon. No one knows about the clear answer. Just the time will be answering this question. If ICN can get a sign in some minor or major exchange. I may think that is will cut a lot of the time for ICN being a bigger. Right, ETH will be ok after hard fork, but i see lots of lisk bagholders say about moving to lisk, that it non sense.
  • It would be better if they launch the campaign later when the platform goes live. If they do publicity now, they cannot use the platform now. They would eventually forget about it, till the platform of funds is launched. Iconomi team or the investors wouldn't benefit in this way. The only effect would be the increase in ICN/Btc rate. So the better approach, I think, would be to attract investors for index and performance funds when it will be live. In this way, we(existing investors) will also benefit. As we would earn from the fees on their investments. Price of ICN doesn't actually matter, thing that matters is how LARGE the dividends are.

I guess it will be a very long night Monday here. which is tuesday in EU. My midnight is their noon)An estimate of the contract post time would be very helpful. Kraken exchange has UI from the 90's. at bestI would still prefer them over LiquiSorry, Liqui - nothing personal. Its better to hold ICN in your myetherwallet than kraken you can control your coin and also you can get a dividends if you store your icn in myetherwallet. Most of us are used to FUDers and trolls around here so don't…

  • People are getting panic without any reason ICN is still best project. I've strong believe in it and will hold them for long term as this would be worth for it. Ok think of Omni wallet or Counterparty wallet both support tokens. ICN is like a token ( smart contract) that runs on Ethereum. In a couple of weeks Dev's will release ICN which I think can be left on their website, or you can transfer to your own Ether wallet, by holding those tokens you will recieve dividends.
  • Only invest what you can afford to lose as they say. Iconomi is looking good but price is still very volatile. You won't lose anything if you consider this as a long term investment. If you are in a hurry to grow your money then ICONOMI is not for you. Hah I hear you, but I am afraid that opportunity may have gone forever. If anything, I'd expect a low probability of the price returning to ICO levels before the first dividend, and before more people know about ICONOMI. And by more people, I am mean the whales!