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Review on Ignis by Robiul Islam

It is an essential part of the Ardor platform.

This is the result of an innovative blockchain project. It has huge potential to achieve value. It is still comparatively new and should improve well. Ardor was created for the power business and it will grow without doubt.

Updated 5 months ago
Rating has not been changed
Ignis is on a solid track, with a lot of good initiatives in the Ardor & Ignis ecosystem going forward. Ignis news has been covered in Japan's leading crypto media, and new trading pairs are being added to the exchanges.

Since there has been no change in the price of IGNIS for a long time, everyone has a misconception that it is probably a scam. However, I believe that it is a great project, based on some of their recent activities and development, I can confidently say that the chances of IGNIS in the coming days are quite high.

The price of IGNIS will skyrocket. Now the price of IGNIS is $0,01714, however, the average price of IGNIS will be at the least minimum of $0,05 by the end of the year.

Pros & cons

  • The Ardor has a identical design and is scalable. The system architecture allows for multiple blockchains, called child chains, to be present together on the platform. Existing and proven features of the NXT blockchain can be found on the Ignis chain. The Ignis chain also benefits from the specific features and expansions of the additional Ardor platform. The IGNIS token is the first child chain token.
  • Ardor is the best technology available in crypto. All that is needed for this is more real world use.