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Review on Jarvis+ by José A Rodríguez

Jarvis: The name of an AI Previously Known by Some Cinema Fans

Jarvis + is a type of Artificial Intelligence platform with funny and enjoyable features and tools. The platform where it is being promoted is small, and there is small content for it, but the project is still interesting to explore. This type of smart network is looking for the right opportunities to collaborate in the marketplace, and offer different projects of the sector the necessary support to the resources that they are already applying for. This network is also a specialist in solutions for technology in some basic projects, but it is clear that it still requires development for others.

The fact is that this company brings collaboration to be considered in the future, and it expects to become a partner of many entrepreneur companies. They are repeating their process over an unlimited circle that permits us to see the entire process of the project as if we're alive. This is thanks to the algorithm created on the platform, which is holding lots of functionalities into it. It is good to say that it is ready for the researching field as well as the entire world of statistics. In general, it is involved in the whole world of finances. The funny fact of this company is that it has the name of a previous AI development from fiction, something that was known in the world of movies.

The platform has not more content included. So, it is very limited. Being an AI project, it still requires development. The page holds a section where users can find all social media accounts where they are available, but no one of them has been receiving views, and they have no new content.

So, to finish with it, Jarvis is just a project with smart features that are not integrated into the world of many companies yet. It is looking to become a leader, but it does require many updates.

Pros & cons

  • The project serves individual companies. It brings tools for both of them and permits them to develop great accesses to run the tools offered.
  • The network is operating under a simple work of Artificial Intelligence that requires not expertise because everyone can use it and manage it.
  • It is being directed to the current technology of the world. It is specially focused on it.
  • The work done there is small. This company does not have a great scope. By analysing its opportunities, users found out that it is limited.
  • The project still requires development in some of its automatic tools.
  • The social media support has not received updates. The team does not interact a lot on the page.