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Decentralized Intelligence Platform for Community and Economy.

It aims to allow users to re-define the interaction between the user and the blockchain so that everyone can access the blockchain world more closely and conveniently. Blockchain Interaction…See more

Jarvis+ network system.

In my own view, I see Jarvis+ has a set of protocols that is together with the Jarvis market and Jarvis wallets dApps that makeup the ecosystem. I believe that is aimed to create a finicial system…See more

Jarvis+ (JAR): This is a smart project.

Jarvis+ (JAR): It is an intelligent project that allows you to solve problems in a superior way, the technology with which it was developed has an advanced algorithm, each code is a general…See more

Jarvis: financial services accessible to all

The world of traditional finance is increasingly being replaced by platforms that offer decentralized financial services accessible to all audiences. This is an opportunity that the founders of…See more

Jarvis + is a Blockchain project to solve community problems with AI technology.

As the trend of integrated Blockchain and AI solves community problems Jarvis + is a very interesting project that I have been interested in since it was in the early stage . Jarvis + as the name…See more

Jarvis plus new AI bot project in the cryptocurrency space

Jarvis + is an AI bot project used to provide services to other companies, providing future social economy as they say. jar is their main token with a total supply of 600 million circulation and 70…See more


Jarvis+ has a big and ambitious idea, which is difficult to implement, because I don't understand how most of these companies with cool ideas will compete/or cooperate with giant companies like…See more

artificial intelligence bot

This is an artificial intelligence platform based on a conversation Bot, which includes blockchain and decentralization as the main engine of JArvis. -recognize identities, translation services when…See more

Jarvis + a totally different project

The Jarvis + platform focused on creating a blockchain ecosystem for social networks and the economy, through different programs that the project has, such as artificial intelligence, which is an…See more