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Review on JBOX by Adejoh Samuel

The YouTube Contender in the Crypto World

Have you ever thought of getting paid for watching streamed videos online?? Well, you don't have to think any longer because of the introduction of JBOX. The JBOX is aan online video streaming mobile app that has the resemblance of YouTube and a whole level of Crypto adoption. I first got to know about JBOX via it's just concluded Airdrop last year and now, am a part of it's streaming family. The JBOX app which was just recently released is where users get to interact with it's platform. I am just a recent subscriber to this platform and it took less than a minute to get hooked up on the streaming service. Using just an email and my name, I was fully registered and I could start making or watching videos. In it's app for new users, a sign up bonus of 200 JBOX coins was given to me.
Now for me to enter into more details on how you get to earn using my experience on JBOX. The first method is to watch videos uploaded on the platform, I earn 0.1 JBOX for every 20 seconds watched for any video, this is how even a subscriber gets to earn as JBOX gives earning opportunity to all with no Monopoly of making money by the uploader only. On the same vein, as an uploader of videos, I get to earn. I for example posted a 30 seconds video on JBOX and got 24 views which has so far generated me 2.4 JBOX tokens. Another surprising thing I found on the JBOX platform is that it allows us to stake our tokens and earn a passive 0.35% daily interest rate. I currently have 300 JBOX tokens and so earn like 1 JBOX a day. This is a really good passive income generated and the more I watch, upload and stake, the more I get to earn on JBOX. Making a withdrawal from JBOX required Ethereum in my JBOX Ethereum wallet to pay for gas fees. It doesn't require much and this can be seen in a good way.
From my review, I believe you can see how easy it is to earn from this project. Anyone can begin using it and I can assure you of a smooth ride using the platform.

Pros & cons

  • Streaming service similar to YouTube but gives both Uploaders and Viewers a chance to earn
  • Provides a staking platform within its mobile app. A good source of income
  • The application for the JBOX Platform has good user ratings on Playstore which were not influenced by the developers
  • Easy to use, watch and upload videos
  • It's marketing model in terms of it's value doesn't seem right because of it's numerous airdrops
  • Traded on just a few exchange