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Review on JBOX by Benaiah A. Akinlade

Revainrating 4 out of 5

JBOX paying you either for uploading or streaming

The JBox innovation is welcome development. It is designed to motivate content creators to upload their work for viewing. It is common place that video content creators get paid for uploading their materials. The catch here is that you get paid for viewing the contents and you don’t have to view the whole of the video as you only need to stream for 20 seconds.
The videos you can watch cuts across different works of life, so there is a very high chance that you will find a category that interests you.
Furthermore, as highlighted in the whitepaper, you get rewards for investing on JBOX with your JBX. Rewards such as getting your children school fees paid, clearing your debts, funding your travels and rents, and satisfying your mortgages.
The Token (JBX)
Jbox is a decentralised video streaming application that makes use blockchain technologies and rewards uploaders and streamers with cryptocurrency. This is achieved through Proof of Upload and streamer through Proof of View with the JBX token.
JBX is an Ethereum based token with 200,000,000 initial supply. The token is protected through a cryptograph based blockchain network which has striking similarities to the ethereum blockchain network. There is a specialised JBox app used to mine JBox token for you to stream your prefered videos. JBXs price is currently USD 0.00583584 as at the time of this review.
JBX is currently listed on these cryptocurrency exchanges:
- Raisex
- VinDAX Exchange
- Bitesax exchange
Also, it currently trades with;
USD Tether and
The uploaded videos made available for streaming covers a wide range of scope such as:
1. Entertainment
2. Education
3. Food
4. Information Technology
5. Healthcare, among others
In their whitepaper, JBox laid down details on future plans for:
1. Debt Relief
When you invest 50% of your debt on JBox with JBX for at least a year before due date, you’ll be assisted with your debts
2. Traveling & Rents
After you have made some investment, JBox can also help with your travel plans and apartments rent
3. Education
JBox will assist in paying school fees of your children after satisfying some investment conditions
4. Mortgages
If you invest 70% of your properties cost on JBox with JBX for a year before purchasing, you’ll get help with your mortgage.
There are also assistances rendered on Real assets, E-commerce, and Automobiles based on your investments.

Although JBX is relatively the new kid on the block, their fascinating reward system can not be overlooked
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  • It is founded on the solid and reliable ethereum blockchain
  • It provides rewards for both video uploaders and viewers
  • There is a proposed plan to assist investors financially in education, mortgages, traveling and rents, debt relief, etc
  • Uploaded videos covers a wide range of works of life
  • Trades with popular crypto coins such as BTC and ETH
  • Yet to be listed on popular exchanges
  • Trades with limited number of coins
  • Trading volume is still low