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About JBOX

JBOX claims to be a decentralized blockchain video streaming platform designed to provide customers with a sense of value for their leisure time via a well-augmented dual mining process (Proof of Upload and Proof of View). This program is designed to benefit token user for downloading and streaming videos of all varieties on the JBOX platforms.

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Earning While Washing Videos.

Jbox is a decentralized video streaming blockchain based application that is available on web app, android and IOS operating system. The platform is unique in that it provides the opportunities to everybody irrespective of your location and...See full review

The JBOX platform is very useful for downloading various types of videos and using users.

This cryptographic money is unmistakably esteemed, and I accept that in the following stages each and every individual who is certain can send what they can guarantee. Jbox permits clients to change their records over to crypto, Jbox a Security...See full review

The JBOX platform is very useful for downloading various types of videos and streaming users.

JBOX claims that it is a decentralized blocking video streaming platform to provide customers with a sense of value for their free time through a well-developed dual-mining process. This program is very useful for downloading various types of...See full review

Invest in JBOX TRANSLATION ...............

JBOX is a decentralized video web-based platform designed to give customers a sense of leisure time through a more advanced dual-mining event (Upload Proof and Demo Pro). The program is designed to make money by downloading web entries of all...See full review


Decentralized Video brings together an accessible app related to Jbox, web, android and iOS. We are saddened that prosperity will be important for the day-to-day affairs, accounting, mentoring, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. We didn’t...See full review

There are no flaws in Jbox.

Decentralized video is a real-time blocking-based application available on the Jbox, web, android and iOS framework. The scene is new because it allows everyone to pay less attention to your region and foundation and bring in more cash every day....See full review

Diversion and speculation with Jboz

When blockchain innovation was presented individuals just have a dubious thought regarding all it's applicablle regions. Much to our dismay that it will be material to each everyday issue including wellbeing, account, schooling even diversion…See full review

Entertainment and investment with Jboz

When blockchain technology was introduced people only have a vague idea about all it's applicablle areas. Little did we know that it will be applicable to every area of life including health, finance, education even entertainment. Jbox is a...See full review

The YouTube Contender in the Crypto World

Have you ever thought of getting paid for watching streamed videos online?? Well, you don't have to think any longer because of the introduction of JBOX. The JBOX is aan online video streaming mobile app that has the resemblance of YouTube and a...See full review


Jbox is an ethereum backed project that has long started in 2017. The jbox project aims to provide a rewarding experience for entertainment through is print of watch rewards for has viewers and prat of reload for video creator. The user are just...See full review

Decentralized cryptocurrency video streaming platform using blockchain technology

Judging by the jbox project, Jbox is the development of a cryptocurrency web application and a decentralized online store of videos. Jbox pays you for watching videos on the platform with tokens. Jbox allows users to convert videos to crypto...See full review