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Review on JBOX by Orlymar Córdova

Earn cryptocurrencies just for watching videos: JBOX

According to the studies carried out by the pioneers of JBOX on the world of video transmission through popular media such as Roku, YouTube, among others, there are millions of hours of video that are transmitted daily through these platforms, in which the viewer is only rewarded with the information and entertainment provided by such broadcasts. JBOX, a novel and ambitious decentralized video streaming platform based on blockchain technology, offers us an interesting option to earn money just for watching videos.
Under the motto, in “JBOX everyone wins” it is intended to reward, in addition to the content provider, the viewers through the mining process, where the rewards will be received in the platform's own token (JBOXcoin). One of the biggest advantages of the project is that they also plan to have their own system to make exchanges to other cryptocurrencies and in case the user needs to withdraw in fiat currency, they can also do so with minimal commissions.
To reach every corner, the JBOX team intends to make available various options such as the JBOX application that will allow displaying advertisements of interest and the JBOX and Droidstick decoder, with which they plan to accommodate third-party video streaming applications such as Netflix, Showmax, DStv mobile, among others. As if that were not enough, this project has among its goals to offer additional services such as free internet and electronic commerce worldwide, money loans to support the user, hedge funds for education, travel and rentals, mortgage plans, among others.
We hope that this ambitious project will be launched very soon and will meet all expectations...

Pros & cons

  • The JBOX token is highly secure as it is protected by a cryptographic blockchain network similar to ethereum.
  • JBOX will provide a space for advertisers to post ads on their app.
  • It aims to cover film and video industries from different areas and that of cryptocurrencies.
  • It is a hybrid platform that allows you to combine elements of your own applications with web applications.
  • The activation date of the platform is still unknown.
  • It is not clear how some of the services it offers will work.
  • Very little known.