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Review on JBOX by Shalom Kolawole


Jbox is an ethereum backed project that has long started in 2017. The jbox project aims to provide a rewarding experience for entertainment through is print of watch rewards for has viewers and prat of reload for video creator. The user are just for every 20 second and every content worthy to the viewer and creator affective. The project alost aims to implement other host of block chain supported project such as the sale of real estate assets on the block chain providing free Internet service and on E.commence hosting platform for the holders of it's native tokens jbox coin
The jbox coin is an ERO-2g tokens and as such can be stored on a wide number of ethereum tokens backing wallet such as my ether wallet. Trust wallet and other cold wallet
The coin as an actively traded pair and there is even an card top currently running which should allow massive tokens adopted. The prospect of this project are not far from achievement and an sure it will beat out other competitors

Pros & cons

  • It aims to provide a free raiding entertainment to it user
  • The jbox can is an ethereum backed tokens which allows it to be hell on many wallet
  • It's use of smart contract to execute project is a good idea as contract from time to time
  • None for now