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Review on Jelurida by Rowsen Garly

My review to day about the project Jelurida

Jelurida is a cryptographic money Blockchain programming swiss stage that appeared in 2016. The reason for making the stage is to foster Blockchain for both private and public use. It creates and keep up with Ardor and NXT Blockchain.

Jelurida permit organizations, associations, establishment even people to join the decentralized Blockchain Ecosystem and assemble Applications or offers types of assistance on Top of the stage public Blockchain. Private execution can happen on NXT or Ardor Blockchain, and as a result of the half breed authorizations and public agreement as-a-administration offered, which is the particular in-assembled highlights of Ardor, a custom kid chain can be dispatch on 

Jelurida administrations includes Ardor kid chain creation, private Blockchain execution and Technical counseling. The stage offered support for a fluctuate minimal price. Jelurida is accessible on Windows, Linux, max and Androids which can be effectively downloaded on Apple store and Google store. The stage can be gotten to through Twitter, wire, Reddit, Discord, Ardor discussion, Ardor Rocks and slack. It very well may be reached on email, telephone and help work area

In rundown Jelurida is a Blockchain improvement and support stage that offers types of assistance for every individual who need to fabricate Applications or offers types of assistance on Blockchain, be it organizations, associations, people secretly and openly in reasonable cost

Pros & cons

  • Both private and public areas can admittance to the stage
  • I didn't see any cons