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Review on KEY by Nick Kasilowski

Good luck and God speed. I sold out about 2 months ago on cryptsy. I've…

Good luck and God speed. I sold out about 2 months ago on cryptsy. I've learned my lesson, never believe in a coin with anon devs. Sell while you still can.
Thanks for the update, definitely a competent team here. Coin well released and things moving forward at a good pace. Perfectly reflected in the current price level.
Which is entirely true for a finished version but the two are not directly comparable on the whole. Most people using QT are likely using it for the more expensively-enabled auto-trade functions, which are not present in KeyTrader at all and for all I know may never be. Different tools for different functions. KT is by far the better trading tool IMHO but for those desperate souls seeking a budget bot it's QT all the way. If they keep working at it they may even get it working like a commercial bot but it is a case of different tools for different tasks man. KeyTrader is shaping up as a decent tool for the serious trader. If auto-trade functions are added in the future then and only then will KeyTrader actually be competing with Quatloo Trader on the same turf. Meanwhile it is a case of apples and oranges.

Pros & cons

  • Well I can make a new coin and say that there is only 1 in existence, it doesn't give it value just because its rare, people need to "want" it for it to have "value", and looking at the buy orders it doesn't look like many people want keycoin. But don't take my word for it, I said over 6 months ago this was going nowhere, how about we come back to this thread/subject in another 6 months and see how its going..
  • There is no roadmap per se, since people seem to use positive news as their cue to dump. Instead we focus on steady progress and refinement of our developments so we can have a solid product without worrying about market price all the time. Thanks a ton! This is really encouraging to see. We're diligently working on KEY, daily, and we'll keep the community updated daily, too. We have every intention of proving KeyCoin's value as we show continuing progress and development. We're not making huge announcements about other announcements, or making empty promises, but, instead, we're moving consistently at a steady pace.