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Review on Kin by Amos joseph

Kin for developers application

I came to know about kin blockchain not quite long from a friend who recommended the platform, as it could be used to earn additional income from reading or watching ads video.

Although the value of kin token is very low due to high market circulation supply of the token, recently there have been increase in the token price with Kin token users can make basic transaction among friends and family the blockchain can handle multiple transaction compatible with multiple supported wallet application like trust wallet, it's support virtually free transaction among users with low or little fee users can connect with multiple application which can be accessed directly from Kin webpage, with kin blockchain users can increase their application user engagement by allowing them to connect their application, for both developers and kin blockchain it's a win win opportunity the currency get much value as more users use the token to make transaction.

For developers using kin blockchain it allows integration of new application by developers in other to create an avenue for other users to connect with the application and generate revenue, also with kin blockchain developers create peer to peer platform in which users can make transaction between members of community.

In general kin blockchain is built in other to support developers built app which can be used to support users to make micro transaction form developers apps with the kin SDK developers can be able to integrate their application and be partner with kin blockchain with this these developers can benefit from kin rewards engine when users use their application. also users can earn from creating valuable content on the platform.


Kin blockchain is a recommended platform for both developers and content creators to earn additional passive income form using developed application.

User are advised to be discreet when choosing application as there are multiple fake application in which users details and information can be extracted by hackers.

Pros & cons

  • A blockchain application integration ecosystem for both developers and content creators to make passive income from built application
  • Kin market supply is high which will make the token to be much distributed among users
  • Compatibility with both android and iOS device can and ERC20 base token compatible on multiple wallet and exchange platform
  • Have active social platform and much engage users
  • Reading content and watching ads video users can also earn
  • Token value is very low
  • Users are advised to be much discreet and watch out for fake application by hackers