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Review on Medicalchain by Eunice Olagbadun

Medical Chain is another remarkable project for the Medical Settee

With a lot of insights going into how cryptocurrencies and more specifically, blockchain technology can be used to solve real life problems, the medical field is not left out of this innovation. Many projects have come and go, but Medical chain, a Crypto project based on Ethereum has kept on, providing to people that which is required. My review on this project was based on my interjection while interacting with it. The reason is I couldn't get a way to confirm its range of services as it seems to be limited to Europe. The project though has gathered a lot of attention, it's token for example has been listed on several exchanges with good volumes, while trying to review the project, I couldn't see any use of the token within it's platform like for paying doctors at a lessened rate or something. Instead, the only use I could see was that the token can be used to pay the patients who have agreed to monetize their medical information

On what Medical chain does is that it helps the pharmaceutical companies and research organization to take or make use of patients data, monetizing it for them in which the patients gets paid in MTN while the companies get a detailed information for their research needs. Also, like many Crypto projects involved in the medical sector, Medical chain can be used to store patients data on hospital records and also used for making insurance claims. There is nothing much or new to this platform in my view, but it seems more popular than the others and might be staying longer.

Pros & cons

  • Medical Chain helps pharmaceutical and research companies to get information from the patients to assist their research work
  • Medical Chan can be used for settling or making insurance claims as the users medical records are stored on the blockchain
  • Medical chain offers to monetize users health data according to their levels of consent
  • So far so good, I haven't seen a reason to degrade this project
Eunice Olagbadun
January 31, 2021
Sorry to say this but I think you are repeating what you said on my last review on the Euno project. I have already detailed my own experience with the project, and as it's services is currently limited to Europe, I can't get a closer glimpse to the reality of its use
Burak Durmus
January 31, 2021
I've read your review to the end. You've written really high quality, but I've noticed that there are some shortcomings, for example, you haven't written your own experiences in detail. You've explained everything that's stuck in my head, so I don't have any questions. I would appreciate it if you would talk about your own use when you update it a little more. Have a good day.